Hawa mein udta jaye

Lot of times I have seen females being careless of their duppattas while driving…whether they are pillion riders or a riders themselves…the duppatta will do the jig with the air and will be free as a bird and shall fly high or even low..as low as it wants to go…so be it reaching the tyres that are running faster than the wind…be it getting entangled with the tyres..as if they are a couple and hugging each other.. 😛

Okay,jokes apart..this is mighty dangerous..and we all know that it is ! But still somehow there are people who forget that. I’ve seen lot of ladies forgetting to tie the knot of their duppattas and just letting it flow like that. And talk about the ladies who travel in car. They too forget to hold their saree pallu or duppatta while getting inside the car…but car is still safer than the two wheeler in this case,me thinks !

I’ve myself stopped many females with high flying duppattas or pointed them while driving alongside…sometimes,in fact most of the times, they don’t get me..I mean they don’t understand as to what I’m trying to tell them..they keep looking here and there but not at their duppattas… sigh !

I wonder how much time does it take to tie the knot or pin it up or do whatsoever to ensure your own safety ? How could we even forget ? People might be clumsy or forgetful…but even when it comes to self-safety ?

Ironically,only when we trip and fall is when we realize that it’s not safe or what precautions to take ! huh..ya some people always want to learn it the harder way…!!! God save them!


11 thoughts on “Hawa mein udta jaye

  1. I had heard of a woman who had tragically died when her saree border entangled with the tyres of a two wheeler. Some people never learn. And have you seen the entire family riding a two-wheeler? Mom, dad, and two babies? So dangerous. How can parents risk the lives of their young ones like this?

  2. For most women, it does not strike them at all. The same while traveling by trains. The dupatta flies and sometimes gets caught in a post or something.One should mentally take care of all these things and set them right on a daily basis. Even here it's the case of 'Practise maketh perfect.'Joy always,Susan

  3. Exactly!! I once lost my dupatta in between the wheels and it was so scary. I didnt realize. But its so funny when ladies intentionally let it fly as if it gives a romantic touch 🙂

  4. Even in a car, the duppatta remains partly outside the closed door. I always knock on the window and warn such people.And as you said, most of them look as if nothing has happened.

  5. It is very scary. My mother put the scare of it in me from a very young age, so I was always extra careful, and can never understand how people can be so casual, when it could cost them their lives!

  6. @PB: yeah..that’s the sad part of it all !@Hobo:Thanks Hobo  But only if people would know that they are risking their lives @Comfy: Sad na !!@Swar: Exactly..as if only we’re at fault !@Aparna: Oh,how sad ! Yes I’ve seen 4+ people riding a two wheeler..how foolish !@Suz: Yeah..it’s just about common sense that these need to use !@Celestial: Common sense is so uncommon !!@Inni: Oh baape re..glad that you’re safe ! @Gaurav: Good job G..but how long are we volunteers suppose to do this job ?@Smiths: Yeah,causual is the word in regards to life that is ! Sigh !

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