Oh,So It’s Love !

You know when I was a kid in bachpan me and my friends used to think that love and all is a bad thing to happen / do. One of our seniors in school got  caught with a so-called love letter in her pocket and of course the name of the guy was mentioned so both these lovers were punished-they were hardly in 8the grade. This made us friends more scared of the word love and the impression of falling in love became a crime at that time.Sadly !

Somehow in our society we are used to unknowingly misunderstand the ‘love’ which happens between a girl friend-boy friend. No,nobody came and told us that it is a bad thing or it’s wrong to indulge in it in when you’re in your school days et al. But we tend to get this feeling that it’s not correct. Where as we were never shooed away from saying ‘ma,I love you’ or ‘daddy,I love you’ et al. So love was accepted but in certain form. But today’s kids are being taken in to commercials to say ‘I love you’ to a class mate or so. The latest Ariel commercial shows the same thing-though without actually pointing that “love is alright at your age kids

Recently,at my work place the administration caught two employee getting involved ‘wrongly’ in a corner of the loo.Our general reaction to this was-“guys get a room,why spoil your image at office”. But we didn’t think in the manner -“Haww,they did this? They fell in love? Oh o !”
So,we are now grown-ups and we’ve understood that love happens and that’s not a crime ! Again, no one came and taught this to us… oh,the couple ? they got expelled of course !

When we hear from someone that they are couple who fell in love at first sight we feel “oooohhh,how sweet..”. But generally,the view of falling in love at first sight is not a very acceptable idea by most the of junta.People call it as puppy love which happens to a slight immature people around..true ?what’s your view ?

Love is such a vague entity.It’s a bit risky as well..you get entangled with each other…yes no body teaches us about love..nobody tells us whom to fall in love with….when to fall in love with..it just happens…and we just need to let it happen…really ? I’ve seen people who first make sure of the caste and then confirm their feelings for the other person,there thought-“why take chances and let parents fuss over the caste thing ?” And yet people fall in love with the ones from other caste…Such is love and yet it is so beautiful 🙂


11 thoughts on “Oh,So It’s Love !

  1. Love at first sight is puppy love or infatuation, but there are chances that the relations grows mature with time and becomes stronger, beyond the physical attraction…I think its a high time kids are introduced to the idea of liking someone without 'love'. 'I love you' is a very very heavy sentence, should not be used unless you mean it…

  2. love is complicated 😛 or maybe not…who knowsI don't believe in love at first sight. At first sight, it can only be called an infatuation. Only after you get to know the person, you can fall in love or not. Relationship needs to be nurtured and it needs to mature before one can decide if it's love or not. Anyway, will stop rambling 🙂

  3. Love is certainly beautiful, as Swaram says. One thing I cannot understand is why people bother about finding caste/religion and stuff before expressing their feelings.. Does it not show that they don't care enough to work around these issues? As for ads showing stuff like that – I can write and write about that! I do feel that our media does end up projecting some things, which I may not be comfortable with. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with the show of love. Husband and I cuddle in front of Poohi and she is totally used to it. But classmates, I would rather that the children accept children of the other gender just as friends and classmates rather than love-interests, at least at such tender ages, you know.

  4. Love at first sight is good but depends on the individual how they carry the relationship. Its true that love at first sight might be infactuation in the initial days, but for some it will definetely turn into love, like me. I married my first love whom i just fell at the first sight..

  5. Love is beautiful. Love at first sight? I dont believe it happens. Maybe puppy love, calf love and infatuations. :-)Love is sometimes sticky 🙂

  6. Love at first sight? maybe that's not love, that's attraction, I'd say.I think love and caste are totally unrelated. People should not drag caste between when in love, the world has changed…

  7. Love in all forms is beautiful, if it is true and pure. Sure, today's kids are for off our age and thanks to all the commercialism and exposure, they know it all! Yet, their basics need to be kept intact and that comes from a good upbringing.

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