The Color White

What do you think when you hear ‘white’ ? May be peace ? At second instance may be ‘sadness,dullness,death’ ? At another instance you might also think ‘holi’ ? Or even the famous ‘Chandani’ ?? Well,yes the color white carries so many connotations and it depends how you are using it and where you are using it.

Ever wondered why white is used as the dress color for patients-specially in serials and movies ? I just thought-correct me if I’m sounding illogical..I just thought whether it’s a right thing to use white as their dress color ? Patients are to be kept happy,healthy and positive towards everything they are being treated for ? So why this dullness ? Why can’t they wear vibrant colors and live like other normal human beings ? Will it not give them the feeling that they are just one of us ? After all the jail inmates also wear white,no ?

Specially, in a sanatorium where the patients’ family is told to behave normally which will help them bounce back to normality in their lives ?

I don’t say that every hospital or sanatorium has this color white as the dress color. But generally hospital=white has been the equation we are used to,hai na ?

What’s your thought ? I’m totally illogical ?


42 thoughts on “The Color White

  1. I always believed that white was not a color, but a lack of colors.. White was the blank canvas you filled with your color

  2. Hmmm…never thought about it on these lines. White brings a feel good sense to me, Nu. Nothing gloomy, at least I don’t feel. But then, it would be nice to some vibrant colors around the hospitals…your thought isn’t illogical at all 🙂

    1. yeah white to me is cool and soothing but only wears…no bedsheets at all 😦

      thank god at least you feel I’m not illogical !! 🙂

  3. They wear white in hospitals and jail only in movies and TV serial. And that is to make the color stand out against the dark background.

    Well hospitals I know for sure..since been there done that.. 😛 😛

    Jail I would hope..since white would get dirty real soon 😀 😀

  4. I have this love hate relationship with white. I love white kurta/ luckhnowi suits and some of white Georgette. but when it comes to bed sheets I don’t like white sheets. They remind me of hospital and hotels. That homely feeling goes away.
    White sucks when it comes seeing people dressed in white at funerals. 😦

  5. White to me means those white roses which stand out against those dark green stems… It means the army of clouds that take shapes of demons to fairies depending on my mood… TIt stands for cotton flowers which tell me that durga puja is near.. It stands for the snow that still brings Santa.. How can I call it morbid? I love white 😀

    1. perfect Sag !!! Of course not ..white is not morbid I say…I too love white 🙂 only that it stand for dullness and blankness in hospitals is what makes me sad !

  6. Interesting thot process….while death is associated with black, ppl wear white while attending death ceremonies in India, but strictly black in Western counterparts.

    Its not you who is illogical…its the customs which we have created and are following so blindly.

  7. I like white for its simplicity and purity. I loved Saturdays because on that day we were to wear all white for school. Though white t-shirts are cool but they get dirty very easily. But apart from shirts, white sheets, curtains etc give a sickly feeling. They remind us of hospital atmosphere. I totally agree with you. You are logical and sensible on this 🙂

    PS: I have redone the tag breaking your rules 🙂 Have a look at my explanation.

  8. oh I find white totally cn always go wrong with white..and it’s transparent too! ewwww..I hate wearing those innters! totally second you here..

  9. White is summers and things that are pristine pure and a feeling of calmness …many more things…

    I somehow never think of white as something to do with death. Nor black. Its something that has been hammered in by the media.

    Honestly ( I have been to very few funerals *touchwood*)I have never seen everyone wearing only and only white at funerals. People wear light shades and some even wear what they ant .

  10. I love wearing white too.. but am usually scared, ‘coz it ends up badly when I start eating 😛

    I agree, hospitals should have more vibrant colours, to cheer up the general mood 🙂

    1. hehehe…I’m always a drop-little-food when I’m at home..not like the messy stuff..but generally something here and there manages to spill on me 😛

    1. May be bcoz white is soothing to the sick eyes 😛
      But eh, they cn make it some light shade 😉
      I don’t like them in hotel rooms too 😛 Nt always 😉

    1. oye just because you can’t read them on weekends I postponed these two posts for today 😦 Sheesh..people don’t even appreciate leave alone saying thank you or a huggg !

    1. sure it does..but I think there would be more colors to their life if they are allowed to dress up like usual people colors..and not compulsorily in whites !

  11. That is deep, Nu. I never gave it much thought. I always thought of white as a calming, and soothing colour..

    Hospitals do seem to have uniforms of white.. Wonder why.. You raise such interesting questions, Nu.

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