Hum,Tum aur Gumm !!

What happens when two friends meet after a long  gap ? Typically,fall short of time and that too when the time slot that they are meeting is a limited one,right? Sigh !

But apart from being sad there is a shade of happiness that you at least were able to meet your friend and talk,talk and talk endlessly even in the fixed time slot !

Finally,in general I’ve noticed that though you might want to share your happiness with your friend you tend to share all that really went wrong in past few days/months that you weren’t able to share with your friend/s….

It’s always with the closest of friends,the moment they come in front of you,you tend to cry [if you’re really in trouble] or when they call…or even chat ! you feel to let loose and spill it all out..sometimes even when you’ve not planned that you’ll talk about the rough phase/whine about it to your dost you do ’cause you just feel like,right ?

And of course,the friends in need are the friends in deed…Reminds me of the song: “Are yaro,dosti badi hi  haseen na hoto,kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai…”

Even if it means talking about the sad things…may be they can’t give you instant solutions or no solutions for that matter..but they’ll listen and you feel light because you took it out of your system and you’re sure it will stay with your friend and not do the rounds…. !

That’s why they say friends are for life…for keeps…for ever..and with that the gumm [Hindi] gets attached automatically,making it a trio-Hum,Tum aur Gumm !!!


13 thoughts on “Hum,Tum aur Gumm !!

  1. Yes!! Right said. Friends dont have to give you solutions, they very fact that they are there to hear out to you, lend you a shoulder to cry on is enough. 🙂

  2. Friends are those we choose for ourselves…and keep for lives :))Makes me glad to think of all my friends in this space too….glad to have found you 🙂

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