Blankness !

“There comes this phase,I feel blank and nothing is visible…don’t know what to do”

How easily we use the word ‘blank’ for the state of our lives…do we really know the meaning of being blank ? May be a blank paper ? A blank black/white board ? Blank in the examination? What else ? What do we really  mean when we say ‘blankness’ ??

Have we ever thought that blind people have a blank life all the way ?People who are less ? Ain’t their life a blankness in actual terms ? No,I’m not asking to lend some sympathies for those who are blind/poor around you…all I want to say is they really mean what being ‘blank’ in life is…we just need to be grateful that our lives are not made blank by the almighty !

We MUST cherish our lives…the people in it..that we are blessed to have family and friends around us…to bank on whenever we need to..

I hate it when people keep comparing their lives with others’ and say causally that their’s is a blank life ! After all others’ life is not a yardstick for you…you have to live your own life and on your terms and choose the paths that suit your pocket,mind and family ! Why crib ? I know there are few things in life that make you really think ‘why it had to happen to me?’ OR a ‘why can’t I have what I want like others have?’…but to that there’s only one towards it rather than sitting and cribbing and making useless comparisons…blaming your destiny and calling your life blank !!!

I’ve heard from an elder in the family…“samay se pehle aur bhagya se jyada kisi ko kuch nahi milta” !!

So,chill and try to make yourself happy..strive but don’t put yourself under pressures..don’t call your life as blank again ! It has so many colors that you can see and they are so many other things that you can be happy about…start living !!


42 thoughts on “Blankness !

  1. nice post….
    ppl call their life as blank life…rember the song…mera jeevan kora kagaj…..
    i think its the state of mind…but noe one should live in such state try coming out as it would only dampen lives….

  2. First???

    Greediness and jealousy hurts no one more than oneself..
    Doing it constantly will only sap the happiness of your own life

    It is so much better to just be happy with what we have..of course, easier said than done :P.. and I am really sounding very preachy now 😀


    1. second darling 🙂

      It’s not at all preachy and this is one thing that I feel is easy to do like easy to say 🙂 cause it gives one happiness at the end of it 🙂

  3. Beautiful post Nu 🙂 Me no cribbing though I dnt hv so many aams @ home and lot of time like u hv nw *Bhagooo*

    Bk to say I really liked ur post 😛 😛

    1. I know I know you’re jealous but since you’re sweet person you’re not able to be bad to me 😛 LOL…:))

      thank you Swar..I’m glad you liked the post 🙂

  4. This is has to be one of the best posts I’ve read. But the thing is Nu sometimes we get carried away and compare us with others and we forget what we already have and what we can achieve if we strive for it. Other’s successes sometimes inspire us but sometimes makes us sad too because it strikes us then that we can’t be like them. We inevitably compare our lives with them which we shouldn’t.
    Your article brings forth a basic flaw in our psyche but then we are human and full of flaws. Thanks for writing such a needed post 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it so much Ajay..we are humans and we will forget or deviate…but the right thing is bring ourselves back to the track 🙂

  5. so so true, Nu. I end up comparing my life with others’ at times, but I revert right back thinking how fortunate I am even to have everything that I do have. There is no need I have to complain. I’ve a good life and that’s that.

  6. Comparison is something we all do..if not with someone who has more than us then with someone who has less..So sometimes we cry about not having enough and then there are times when we are thankful for all we have.

    If only we could get to a point where we compare with no one on anything..we would get to a very happy state in our life..

  7. *Runs to Nu and checks her temperature* … puts on a white coat and writes a presciption – No more aams @ home!!! Lolz… I can so picture you sitting like one of the ‘amma’s’ on aaastha channel and giivng this pravachan!!! lolz… bolo Nu amma ki jai!!!

    sits with those incense sticks and faint music in the background…signalling my shishya to let sagarika in so that she can take my blessings

    Jokes aside… I think you are correct in your analysis… we crib because we have and not because we don’t. With each climb of the ladder we lament that we couldn’t each the top at once instead of being appreciative of that one rung at a time! And then we say we are blank about how to suceed in life!

    yeah that does happen…

  8. WOW, first a discussion into the colour white and now its blank !!!! 🙄
    yeah !! contradictions ?? or whatever 😛

    On a serious note, Nu, I just totally agree to that saying in hindi, which you’ve mentioned in ur post. Lets start counting our blessings, then we’ll never be blank in life. 🙂
    totally !! only if people start believing in themselves and following their own life rather following others’ !

  9. interesting read, made me wonder if I associate blankness to emptyness, or for the state of being lost.
    Lets take the first case of ’empty’ blankness, its more to day with the day of realization, somewhere the emptiness which is building up deep in one’s sub consciousness just surfaces.
    Like you said, there is no point cribbing about it, and one has to work towards filling their emptyness. But unfortunately it isn’t easy.

  10. Well said, we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it and then, it is too late. Blankness is a state of mind. No one is ever blank unless s/he tags themselves with the quality, our soul gives us meaning and through this meaning we exist and thrive in a thoughtful manner, emptiness is simply a lazy state of mind people choose to tie themselves to, to avoid making an effort to lend a hand to help others or themselves.

  11. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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