Have some mercy !!

Some people never understand…never think that they might be hurting others by their useless comments,irresponsible behavior…they’re are plain and simple ignorant to things they’ve being doing and saying to others…they sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly play a judge to others’ acts..why o why ! Right from what one should wear and eat or do is under the scanner…

Okay even if you’re fond of doing these things..fine ! Keep it to yourself people ! No ? They just can’t sit mum with their thoughts inside their brains..they need to spurt it out ! Sheesh !

I really wonder..why can’t one weigh one’s words before throwing them out of the mouth ? Don’t they think that others have feelings and are being hurt ? That you’re not suppose to interfere in others’ lives ? That you’ve no right to do that ?

Reminds me of the song: Ek din mit jayega mati ke mole,jag mein reh jayenge pyare tere bol

What you said is what people are going to remember…and it holds true even when you’re alive…so why not spend at least a minute before you really talk something about someone ?? Doesn’t take much of your time of,right ? Care to have some mercy ??


15 thoughts on “Have some mercy !!

  1. Well, if they only thought for a moment before spitting out words, world would have been a better place. But thats not the case. Words are so powerful, its remembered for long time. Who can forget the statement "India is a land of snake charmers"

  2. you know sometimes when you are at the other end of the spectrum you think – when will the bad guys pay? When will you ever be able to say those hurtful things so that person cringes.

  3. Some people are just plain impulsive and do not know the damage their words do to other people.I have on occasions spoken something and then regretted saying these harsh words. But then there was nothing I could do to undo the damage. 😦

  4. I've been meaning to write about this, but never got around to doing it because I couldn't properly put my thoughts into words. You done it perfectly. I don't understand how some people can be so insensitive. How they can say things before thinking, how they don't understand that words go a long way.

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