200th with Dilemma !

Okay yes,this is my 200th post here at blogger ! YAY for that πŸ™‚

Lot of you know that I’ve lot of blogs running side by side I’ve to tell you something here…people are kind of envious [;)] about how I manage all these blogs…keeping them active so easily ..for those-being jobless does that to you πŸ™‚ Leave your job and you’ll find yourself blogging double the quantity that I do !

I’ve been thinking since I started blogging at wordpress…that I should delete one of these personal blogs..no point in maintaining two blogs for the same purpose…lot of times I’ve literally reached to hit the enter button on ‘delete blog’ but something pulled my finger ! But I’ve got to do it…the more I think the more it’s getting harder for me to delete one of these personal blogs…

most of the times I think I’ll delete ‘Randomness’..what say you people ? Only pain that it’ll cause you is that you’ll have to change the url that you follow to my wordpress blog…

or either way !

I’m really confused…you guys have always been there with me on my thoughts..whatever I write here…so help me take this decision as well…and please don’t just tell me how to weigh the options and then decide…I know that all and still I’m confused cause both blogs belong to me…for you it would be a bit easier because you will think being a third party..and may be your decision will help me..if not totally it’ll at least suggest me what to do…getting me ?

So tell me which one should live ‘Randomness’ OR ‘Nu’s Utterance’ ?


30 thoughts on “200th with Dilemma !

  1. Aa meri maa, ab u r asking this qs .. I hv begged u to hv one blog so many times :PArre, I am speaking from experience .. nt just as a third person .. bcoz I moved from blogspot to WP too .. I felt so bd for few days to leave my maayka, but am used to it nw ;)Move all ur posts from here pls though … I say Utterance bcoz WP hs a lot more advantages :)Cheers!

  2. Me says WordPress πŸ˜› πŸ˜› As if that is ever a question. But what I would suggest is to not delete this blog. You have put so much time in to it. So move all your posts from here to your WordPress blog and then make this private or leave it as is. So that you can always look back at it with a smile on your face. :)And if ask me why WordPress, well I can go on and on but the comment style there is soooo much better..don't you think? πŸ™‚

  3. Yay! Comfy and me think same-same πŸ˜› :PNu, anybody cmg here cn be redirected there re .. u need nt worry abt ppl missing the url. U cn change the settings like that na πŸ™‚

  4. Hmmmm…200 posts!! Wow!! Congrats!!I think if at all you do choose to 'delete'any of your blogs it should be Utterance (though I'd suggest you keep both)..Reason…200 posts is not an easy achievement…you obviously have put your heart and soul in writing those…would you like it if you couldn't go back and see it??

  5. I am partial to blogger.But I understand your problem. Managing one blog is so much simpler. I really wonder how you write so frequently. I know first hand how difficult it is to blog so often.Go ahead and delete any blog that you want. The readers will find the way!And congratulations on your double century! Awesome feat!

  6. You cannot delete this…come on! Maintain both :)))…I, too, am waiting to quit job and then work this way on my blog and other writing! Wishful thinking though!

  7. Congrats! Where's the champagne??? I endorse many opinions here: DON'T DELETE ANY BLOG. Did you at any point in your posts talk about not deleting blogs as it is one's life's imprint in posts? Maybe not you, but I did read that. Ah! the mad world of blog-hoppers.So, keep the Randomness doing in both these spots.May you see a lakh blog posts. Sukh Sukh jiyo!!!Joy always,Susan

  8. u blog here 2???? n still dont mention ur location damn!!!! wordpresss pls…coz i can read u on my blog surfer!!! btw i got to know nu stands for nupur! and plus this place is mean about comments :P…wordpress wordpress

  9. Honestly, whichever platform you feel comfortable with, keep that blog and delete the other. Your readers will follow you..So it's entirely up to you! πŸ™‚

  10. wow.. congrats on the 200th post.. I also feel that wordpress is better as I am also planning to shift my blog to wordpress..but dont delete this blog. Just keep it and you will feel good when in future you just look at it.

  11. I say keep Randomness. Import the posts from Utterance but keep this one. It's Blogspot after all =) And I'm biased… But yeah, doesn't make sense to have 2 personal blogs…

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