Don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to talk about any ‘itch guard’ cream or the likes here…

There’s this itching in my brain..about blogging…knowing people across…people don’t get me wrong again…I’m just being honest here…
I’m feeling like I should stop…quit blogging…though I agree that I’ve come across real nice people through blogging but somehow it’s over for me…I think I need to just quit..just get away !
Reasons? No,nothing happened which made me think like body hurt me or so…I think it’s enough now..3 years..lot of enjoyment, fun and all that…but now it’s alright…I’m done with all this ! I need to wind up..need to pack my bags and say a bye-bye to you all here…
I think..yes..that’s what I need to do !

26 thoughts on “Itching

  1. What Nu 😦 bye bye to only this blog or the other WP one too? 😦 😦 Whatever you decide, I'll support…even though it might make me sad 🙂 Good luck, whatever you decide to do, dear.

  2. Don't know what's going wrong T..I'm feeling pretty sad about something…may be it's just a phase..may be it will last idea as of now..well stopping as in..exiting blog world !

  3. Hmm!! Whats up ? These phases come in and go out ! Slow down perhaps but keep it going ! Thats what happens with me ! But go away ? Come on !

  4. Nu..oh no.. Honey..things will look up..I promise..don't be so sad.. Take a break if you want..but don't stop take a short break and come back when you are up to it..but don't leave us.. You will be missed so very much..Loads of hugs..

  5. Nu, this happens once a while. don't be in haste. Just be there, chill out and when you feel like, write. I am sure in a short while you will feel like writing again. Don't 'quit' yet! Just hold on…..Take a break and please come back!!

  6. Dear NuThe way to come out of sad feeling is to do something that you derive energy and satisfaction from.Please continue blogging! That will act as a cure for whatever you are in.Vivek

  7. U CANT DEAR……NOOO….u were the true motivating factor in bringing me to this world…and now u cant quit…u have to be here to encourage, entertain all the fellow blogger with ur posts…well dnt wry its just a phase and will soon pass over…so be haapy till that time and have a nice short break….PS – waiting for ur next post

  8. I think all bloggers feel like this from time to time. It goes away. You just to need to find what inspires you to write. May be you should post once a week on something that has touched you deeply that week.I have realized blogging is not about connecting with people, it is about connecting with your inner self. If you don't feel the pressure to keep in touch with your blogger friends, writing will come easier to you.

  9. I'm so thankful to all of you here..May be you guys are right…let me take a short break and get back with zeal ! Let's hope I bounce back quick and fit :)Once again..thank you all for this love and guiding me through the right direction…or I would have really deleted the blogs today.. ! *Feeling better already…and have deleted the thought of deleting the blog*

  10. Hey there, I am really sorry that you feel that way but whatever makes you feel that way will surely pass! Hang in there 🙂 And the best part is there's nothing like throwing it all away, it'll always be there to come back to!

  11. Just a phase Nu .. dnt delete in the rush of things .. take a break and come bk .. am sure it will be fine. Give us a chance to dig thru ur archive … hugs sweety 😀

  12. U serious?? Do one thing, think this through and blog about it and let us know why u are doing this. U know, introspect real hard! 😀 Keep writing, Nu. I think all u need is a little nudge. We all do!

  13. Nu – come onnnn…Noo…some of us are just getting to know u…like the rest said…take a break..maybe it's a overdose and if u do decide to quit…do keep in touch with us 😦 i feel so sad hearing this

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