Wordless Wednesday-13


74 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-13

  1. Love the way the clouds talk to me…looks different at every angle and forms so many shapes in front of my eyes…the silver lining tops it all…the tree looks magnificent in the backdrop of the light colored clouds….WW and making me write so much….LOL !!!!

    1. Why do u moderate every comment ???? You can choose to moderate only the first time a person comments, na ???? Its easy for us to see our comments and reply to others, fast.

  2. awesome. Silver lining of the cloud and dark foliage of the tree make a contrasting pair. Nice photography 🙂

    1. yeah..and do you know just before I clicked this one it was so misty and not a glimpse of Sun was seen..amazing nature..amazing beauty !

        1. oh don’t be sorry 🙂 It’s okay..yeah..I’m famous [?] to change themes very frequently 🙂 Good that I’ve company 🙂

    1. it went to my spam folder 😦 and darling thank you for this song type dedication..but the sad news is..i’m unable to open your site 😦 It says unable to open the website :(((( pliss to do something !

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