Idea generation:Not by ‘Idea’ ;)

I remember the summer vacations when all us cousins used to collect at one of the aunts’ or uncles’ place and had fun throughout the holidays…

One of these holidays,after we finished the game which we were playing outside aunt’s house,while getting back home,the usual brat that I’m and the eldest of all sisters, I suggested that we get inside the house through the balcony instead of main door ! Yes,I did make this plan for fun ! Since the first floor balcony was an easy approach and very low in was connected to the boundary wall of the house with a slant cement the trick was to climb the wall which was not very high too and trek on the slant slab and hop inside the balcony πŸ™‚ Yahoo..what a brainy I was..err..I’m !

Okay that is not the point ofΒ discussionΒ here..oh yes,we successfully managed to enter the house the way we wanted..just to reach to 6 pair of shocked eyes and angry faces ! And we did get a hell lot of scolding topped up with whole lotΒ ofΒ we could have broken our weΒ couldΒ have got scratches on the skin duh duh duh ! And today what I specially remember out of those advices is this :

The eldest aunt told us what we did was wrong not only for our physical security but otherwise as well..her words:

“You actually demonstrated that one can enter the house without using the main door..may be someone watched you and it may have given that person the clue of entering the house when no ones you guys gave and idea to plan a robbery or whatever”

What hit me then was we didn’t think about what would be the consequences..we just did it in the name of fun..what our aunt told was may be not 100% someone watching us and getting ideas of robbery or so…but the fact remains that we made a way…we generated the idea… The lesson was learnt by us then !

Cut to today: I hear this TATA Indicom commercial being aired on Radio day in day out….it goes like this:

A lady:*on picking up the receiver * Hello? ABC girls hostel..

A girl: Can I talk to xyz ?

Lady: Who is this ?

Girl: This is PQR,her friend..

Lady: *transfers the phone to XYZ’s room*

XYZ: Hello ?

A boy: Hey! It’s me !!! *beaming with happiness*

XYZ: Areee, boys are not allowed to call here,how did you manage?

Boy:By using TATA Indicom’s magic voice !! *giggles victoriously*

And then the commercial goes on like “Use TATA Indicom’s magic voice and Sabko buddhu banao [make fool of everyone]

Okay now you say what’s wrong with this ? Well may be nothing but I think there are these things that may emerge from the above facility:

1. We’re giving a legal way to tamper with voice and make fool/fun of the person other side…For instance: Parents might not want certain boy to call theirΒ daughterΒ but this will be a facility and a solution to the boy’s problem ! And more such instances…

2. A bit heavier one that came to my mind…the terrorism/crimes that we are being haunted by every now and then..isn’t this systemΒ providingΒ ways of escape and opening routes for people to commit crimes ? A way to trap someone may be…something like that ?

See,this might appear to be extrapolated to you…Let me tell you that Β I have nothing against the service..the basic problem in the whole concept is the way it is being highlighted..presented to general public ! And human beings tend to catch the bad fever quickly as compared to the good one,isn’t it ?


70 thoughts on “Idea generation:Not by ‘Idea’ ;)

    1. Waise you know according to law any kind of impersonification or misleading information given to another person deliberately is a criminal offence. I am sure the TATA indicom has a user’s guide that as usual will be written in microscopic print n have disclaimers which put no libility on them for misuse.. and there people will not rackle their brains and misuse galore…. hope it sticks to innocent fun only πŸ™‚

                    1. e-ashirwad..kya baat hai…high-tech Sagamma !!

                      Hey nice idea na ? Let’s sell this to all the sants and start distributing e-blessings πŸ˜›

                    2. go fetch some water for yourself bacchu !! * okay so now going over to hubby to have a conversation about it* whaat ?? Hubby hai hai πŸ˜‰ and I said conversation… don’t get scandalised !

  1. Err so sorry to be eves dropping into Sagarika and ur Pasta gossip :mrgreen:
    you’re most welcome hon *batting the eyelashes and making sweet face* πŸ˜‰

    So you were the leader of the pack as a kid?
    I was ?? Ahem,I’m

    I was such a cute decent kid I tell ya πŸ˜‰
    really ?????? :surprised: LOL

    Oh why would TATA want to have such a facility? Are they sugessting we don’t have a good voice and that their animated ones are better? 😑 It sure sure is a bad idea for all those people who are stalked, threatened etc… I am with you on this!!
    dekh na !! Bure log !!

    1. Hey AD come join the party *Nu aur ek glass Nimbu paani banana* … actually the idea I think started after Nu disguised her voice and tried to call up *ahem* *ahem* with a pseudo sexy hot voice ;p… the idea back fired and now *ahem* *ahem* is madly in love with the pseudo Nu… but he actually doesn’t know that psuedo Nu is Nu and that Nu knows that he likes pseudo Nu.. and so Nu being confused as to what she should do now… is mailgning TATA…. got it.. simple? Nimbu paani? ;p

      1. hey ladki ka dimag abhi aise chal raha hai when she not very well…toh badd mein kaise chalega !!!! *hand on the forehead..wondering..worrying*

              1. ya Saks go go… don’t buy what I am saying… but read the Niyananda comments also and just beware and don’t wign any agrrements that Nu offer’s you ;p …. btw Nu… Love ka frustration.. awesome suggestive by saks… kya bolti tag banaye? ;p

  2. This is actually thought provoking and a serious issue as well. Didn’t know about the TATA Indicom ad but seems to be a nice idea πŸ™‚ but seriously this is an insidious flaw with ad industry. The ethics, norms and courtesy are sacrificed at the altar and cheapness, trash and farce come to the fore – all for the filthy lucre. Nu, you must write to the TATA and make your views known to them πŸ™‚ We all will support you.

  3. Nu, ek nimbu paani aur bhi bana lo……me is here too!!
    Awaaz badal ker baatien kerna……that’s a blessing for youngsters but you are right, it can lead to bigger problems!

    1. Nimboo pani hazir hai madam πŸ™‚ Woh aaye hamari mehfil mein..kabhi hum unko to kabhi fridge mein rakkhe lemons ko dekhte hain πŸ˜‰

    1. aapke liye khas pina-colada bana de ? Ya fir Guava juice ? ya fir mango milk shake ? Butterscotch milkshake ? bas bahi filhal itne hi options hai ghar par 😦

  4. hmmm this does make you think…
    you dont need a technology as such to change your voice for pranks, you could do it anyway… I wonder what necessity provoked this idea!

  5. And she is back..yay..
    at randomness too πŸ˜‰

    Nu..tu sahi shaitaan thi bachpan mein πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ..Lage raho Nu Bhaie.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    main abhi bhi shaitan hu LOL

    I think the ad is created to catch users fancy and get them talking about their purpose is solved. Don’t think they really care about social message or anything. For them it is all about making money..and as you said there will be a lot of young people who will want to buy the phone for the feature you mentioned. 😦
    Yes just churning out money from the products…but thinking that company of repute does that..feels bad..Could’ve created a better commercial to present the new feature !

  6. Wow! I am delighted to spot another prankster…though I wasn’t as naughty but knowing people who were naughtier than me strengthens my case πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    join the club πŸ™‚

    Coming to the phone feature….sounds pretty amazing though, but does that actually exist or was it a simple marketing stunt by the advertisers to promote sales among youngsters?
    The feature has to exist na otherwise how could they advertise just like that..also at the end of the commercial they tell the procedure use by dialing some *and then talking..

    You are very right on the point that wrong things always strike our minds long before the good ones do πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Sad but true na !

    Loving the non-stop fun going on in your comment box πŸ™‚
    join in πŸ™‚ it’s hilarious !!

    This is a nice template Nu πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Well personally I like the idea of introducing new technologies and for the matter of advertising it has to be there if you want to survive in this competetive world. As far as crime or criminals are concerned it can be avoided by taking care of the other things like while issueing a number it has to be thoroughly checked about the identity of the person.

    1. Hi vJ, welcome here πŸ™‚

      I agree to what you’re saying..but every system has a loophole and that’s what I’m trying to point far as surviving the competition is concerned,once can compete but keeping in mind the social reponsiblity a brand carries with it ,right ?

      1. yup absolutely, nthing comes before society or nation…but as v r talkin about their social responsibility, can I ask a question that how socially responsible v r…du u evr report ny crime or illegal activity to the concerned person which u hav seen happening around u, I am sure that u hav encountered some in ur day to day life. I dont want to criticize ur opinion but only wants to put my thoughts in frnt of u that these loop holes cannot be filled until unless v will realize our own responsibility and start working at grass root level.

        I rally appreaciate that u took up this topic thru ur blogs πŸ™‚

        1. I understand your question and I’ll be honest here…Yes there are times when I come across some situations and may be don’t report them..but most of the times I’ve ventured out and taken required actions..And I feel the same that we all as a nation have to be responsible..there is no doubt about it ! πŸ™‚

          That comes to this-‘Everyone has to do their own bit and make this place a better world to breathe in’ !

          If smaller portions in every city also start believing and working on this I think we still will do better πŸ™‚

          Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. u r absolutely rite …. like sensor in case of media…this has to done on the products mission too…wat one product want to give to the society….

  9. Yay yay, I am nt the only naughty one around tee hee πŸ˜€

    Nu, I feel the same abt so many ads. The MetLife one where a grandson teases his Dadi and gets money too. I mean, mite look cute. What if kids see such ads [whatever we try to keep them away from TV, they sometimes get to hear/see such things na] and learn their ways? Atleast, what abt the kids who play these roles?

    1. very valid point Swar..I agree..specially for the kids who are playing these roles..sigh! All for that moolah you see 😦

  10. Last? Last?

    Love the way u equated your childhood naughtiness to the ad…u know sometimes i wonder when newspaper do all these exposes to highlight all the lack of security in places…is that responsible??? Why give an idea…quietly submit ur concern to the required authority!

  11. To be honest, this sort of voice modification, I am not too comfortable with it. And for a company to market it so, I think is dangerous..

    Like your aunt pointed out, there can be so many misuses for it. Then again, anything can be misused, but marketting it in this way, is rather dubious – in my opinion.

  12. thats too bad!! I havent seen the ad yet.
    In relation to such facilities on mobile, I am surely opposed to that Friend Locator service on Airtel. I wouldnt want anyone to know where I am especially when I have lied!

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