Just another post :)


52 thoughts on “Just another post :)

      1. LOLLL Nu i like the front angle… view… how di du mange to sit down colllect so many cowdungs and click ..!! awesomee man

    1. *ahem,ahem* han mujhe bhi samajh nahi aa raha 😉 main kaun hoon ?? Yeh blog kya hota hai ?? Yeh photo kya hai ?? 😉

  1. I like the last pic…grape and wine 🙂 Btw, you are more pics and less words these days. Why? Is it because a picture speaks a thousand words 😀

    1. well that statement is true in any case…pictures are more powerful than words 😉 that’s why we have wordless Wednesdays know ?

      will write more soon 🙂

  2. Looks like the blog celebrated a ‘just another post’ Monday 😀 😀
    Loved the cause-effect phenomenon you depicted through those pictures. But the best part being the way you thought of bringing in an optimistic and useful ending to every story 🙂

    It takes a lot of thought to be so creative 😀
    Well done girl!!

  3. Am I missing something in the just another post series… 😛 Pinnnnnnnno scratches head,
    coming from Swar’s songs … KLMNO ….
    and then Comfy’s codes made no sense, Buzz started writing posts…does a jig at the thought 😛

    … Pinno scratches head… again !!
    …Pinno will go mad with all that love and all another posts 😛

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