Logical ?

In conversation with my younger niece A-[soon to be 6 years old]

Me: What are the plans for your b’day this year ?

A: We’ll have loads of fun !!! *beaming with happiness*

Me: That sounds great…so let’s see who all are we going to invite…

A: Yessss…let’s !

Me: *counting few names of her friends’ that I know*

A: No,no…I’m not going to invite Nethra!!! *A bit angry and sad face as well*

Me: Oh O!! Why is that ? Shez such a cute girl πŸ™‚

A: No she is not ! *Sad again*

Me: Okay tell me why ?

A: Last b’day she hurriedly took the knife and cut my b’day cake before I could do anything ! *the angry face this time*

Me: Oh !! But she is younger to you na….she didn’t know and didn’t do that on purpose..

A: *Firm and decided* No ! And I’m going to go and tell her mother not to send her to my b’day party !

Me: *Laughing a bit* Oh but if at all you don’t want to invite anyone you don’t have to go and tell them so..you just don’t invite…

A: Why ? When you want to call someone home you go and invite them so when you don’t want to call someone you go and tell them that…*convinced with self and with a victorious  feeling that she convinced me too*

Me: *Literally left smiling and thinking how logical is that ?*

want to invite someone = go and tell
don’t want to = go and tell

Kids really do have reasoning to all the arguments they give..amazing ? Well…I just wonder where do they get all these grey cells from ???

P.S.Of course we are not going to do what A has in her mind..we’re sure going to convince her ‘logically’ that Nethra did not cut her cake on purpose and that she is a little girl so it’s okay..!!


17 thoughts on “Logical ?

  1. How cute is that…and yes, logical too :)). Children are so innocent and clear about what and how they want things. They are least afraid to speak their minds and are outrightly straightforward too. If we actually retrospect, their words can open a whole new world to us, which we leave behind as we grow up!Love and hugs to your cute little niece and loving birthday wishes too!

  2. U mad!!! Kids like Nethra are dangerous! .. there's one typing this comment now… who cut her firends cake year after year just after promising him on the fateful morning "this year I'll not jump on the cake" ;p

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