68 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-15

          1. pagal hain kya 😛…tags padhungi toh jo 5th aati hoon woh bhi nahin aa paungi ;phow mean you are !! …. I froze coz u asked me not to meltahh,that’s why !!! *scratches head and wonders why is Nu so dumb*today is my day so no calling me dumb and all that,wokay ? ;p

          2. Y wud she read words on a wordless post 😛 😛 😛
            how true

            Thatz only for smart ppl like me 8)
            Err hope this comment is invisible to Sagarika 😉
            arrr… it got published 😉

            1. Iska badla hum chun chun ke lenge Swaram!!!! …. tune Nu ke blog mein mujhe bewakoof bulakar meri aur yeh blog dono ki tauheeen ki hai (aur Nu ki bhi after all it’s her patent)
              @Nu *ouch* .. what.. the day is over.. ur anniv is over…. I can resume ;p

  1. Aahaa..here I am writing longish emails..I should have just stopped here sooner..

    Congratulations Nu.. and many many many more of the handholding togetherness to both of you..

    God Bless.

  2. Your anniversary? TOday? And you never mentioned it? Hmpf! Atleast I bloghopped on the right day 😀
    Happy Anniversary 🙂

    1. lesson : you need to blog hop everyday 😉

      I’ve announced it on FB..only if you have time check that 😦

      Thank you so much !

      1. hee hee! If my google reader shows 880 unread posts, fb shows 300+!!!! I feel like a school teacher who’s behind on her notebook correction!!! Oh dear Oh dear

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