Blogaholic !! Me ?

In conversation with the husband:

Hubby: I need the comp for sometime.I’ve some urgent work.
Me: * on the way to come first on some blogs ;)* Oh but use your laptop na ?
Hubby: There are some files I need to use from the comp will you please ?
Me: Oh,can I at least claim my 1st position at few blogs,please ?
Hubby:*disgusted with my reply* Are you nuts? I’ve some serious work to do !
Me:*Wondering, coming 1st is not serious or what?* Oh ok !please give me a minute to log out…*thinking that she has lost the position to Sags definitely*
Me: What? Why this look ?
Hubby: Look at the keyboard… the #1 key is almost faded away…and few other keys are on the way to loose their identity ! And same is happening with the lappy too…
Me: Haiiee ? Err…is it ? *Looking here and there* ?
Hubby: You and your blogging madness..I’ll never understand ! Hmmpf….now please let me work…computer chair vacant please ?

Does this mean I’ve become blogaholic by any chance ? What’s your story ?? Is your keyboard too on the way to loose it’s face ?


36 thoughts on “Blogaholic !! Me ?

  1. LOL Nu…let the poor man get some work done, will ya? 😀 You blog-a-holic you. Wait, on second thoughts, it's nice to see you this way. Much better than silence in your blog or no comments from you on other blogs. So yes, you being active on blogging community is something I treasure – so now go tell the poor man to finish his work soon 😀

  2. @T: LOL …the poor man got his work done any way since his work is a serious work and blogging isn't 😛 Also the key board has been replaced recently and that's why H was wondering how much typing do I do to literally erase the letters and numbers :PAnd thanks T..hugs ..for missing me here 🙂 you're the best 🙂

  3. @Neha: 😦 yeah me loosing it these days almost on every blog..oh but that is because trip preparations are keeping me and all that 🙂 so i don't mind lending that first position to some for few days 🙂

  4. hey…just started following you…thanks for blogrolling me…I kinda get absent minded and forget to follow people :(Poor you…Your hubby just does not understand the passion needed to be a blogger. 'Kaam, waam to sab karte hain, but blogging very few special people like us 😉 hehhethankfully my keyboard is still intact and can see all the words and numbers…

  5. @LP: That's okay..I'll never let you forget me 😉 See na..H doesn't understand what's in store in blogging 🙂 He surely is missing something :)Good for your keyboard…may the alphabets and numbers last for long 🙂

  6. lol..nothing on my keyboards yet…they loook all nice and all keys look equally used 😀 :DBut these H and D..don't understand the blogworld at all do they..tsk tsk .. 😀

  7. @Comfy: Hehe I know that feeling..equally used keys :PYa true..H and D and the like would never understand OUR blogworld 🙂 As I said..they don't know what they are missing 😉

  8. Well, madness can strike anytime in life. My pet theory is that it usually commences with marriage ! ;Dthat said, i guess the #1 key should be locked down with specific copyright ! To be used only by you !

  9. he hehe … Interesting I would still wait to class that as being blogalcoholic… there is some time for that he he he When the husband hears in the middle of the night the click click clik… Or he is getting late and food is not ready… Or you guys were meant to go out and you completely forgot about it .. and so ON… then i would be worried .. but till then CARRY ON ha ha 🙂

  10. @Kavi: LOL@ it comes with marriage 🙂 Regarding #1 key I guess it's duly copyrighted to me given the number of times I use it 😉

  11. @Bikramjit: Now that's some benchmarking 🙂 Would apply that logic next the husband is in ready for the argument 😉

  12. I totally get your situation dear…I get similar replies…Don't you get bored reading blogs…Don't you get bored writing blogs…Why do you need to comment everywhere…Do you guys actually have virtual blogger conversations (this was after seeing Swaram's and Comfy's page 😛 ) and blah blah blah :DI'm sure for all non-blogging people we're nuts…never mind them…But yes H ko kaam karne de nahi to aur naye adjectivsd jud jayenge tere naam ke saath 🙂

  13. @Varsh: YAY..I've you and Comfy for company ! At least now I feel sane that I'm not the only one…one has to get into this mode t realize what bloggin is about 😉

  14. See one more advantage of blogging…meeting similar sane or insane people :PTrue…until one gets in this mode he can't realise what it means to us 🙂

  15. @Varsh: Yes!! Now that again is a plus find like minded people who'll support you in these times 😉 and more !

  16. No No! You no blogaholic! The paint used keyboard keys was of substandard quality! Get a new one and resume blogging 😉

  17. Hilarious! Similar things happen with me all the time, though instead of a husband, I have siblings or friends after my life! And so the rule – I don't share my laptop with anyone!But you don't worry and continue. I never get enough time on this space and reading your blogs and comments, I am happy that you do :)Love and hugs!

  18. LOL! Mine is still intact, but I doubt it is any thanks to me 🙂 But I live in dread for the day when my precious laptop will breate it's last. I had a nightmare the other day, that my laptop died and I had to wait for a few months to get another one 😦 That was one scary nightmare 🙂

  19. @Neha: I've been missing you in this blog world and now a days don't see you much on FB too…alls well ? Take care and HUGS 🙂

  20. @Ani: What are you busy at now ?? Exams over..what next ? Have missed your posts and comments !@Smiths: Oh my god..that was the scary nightmare,really! How net-o-holic we've become!@Reema: that's a brilliant idea,thanks for sharing 🙂

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