My creation

When I was in school,the city that I lived in had a famous auto garage bearing the surname same as mine.Every time I was introduced to someone new in the class or some new teacher around or ever my friends parents-the first question that came my way was- Is that auto garage yours ? Your family business ? Your father owns it ? etc etc..the inquiry was same but came in different packaging !

Initially it was kind of okay to answer the question since it was plain and simple NO. But when you are asked the same thing again and again you kind of feel irritated,right ? So it dawned on me too…later on whenever I met someone new before the person could even think of asking me ‘that’ question I used to put a disclaimer beforehand-No,we are not the people !

Now it appears like a fun thing that happened to me in those days 🙂 But if it happened to me in this age..may be I would have answered it in this manner- My name is Nu and NO I’m not from that family ! taken from MY NAME IS KHAN

So, the creation here is this: This is a tag that I’ve created 😛

The question is- Which movie name you relate yourself to ? Write an anecdote !

I tag: Rohini,Varsh,Comfy,Titaxy,Divi,Dido,Swar,Meira,Smiths,Saks,Ums,Ajju,Piyu,Sags,Pinoo,Shilpa,CB,PB,Prats,Tikuli,Neha S,DI,LOI…

Basically all of you readers 🙂


57 thoughts on “My creation

  1. Nu, first LOL @ that line – My name is Nu and I am not from the family !!! ha hahahahahaha …. 😆

    And I gladly accept this tag, which I am dying to do…. 😉 🙄 dont know which movie line to write….

  2. Hehe…nope no movies come to mind but most youngsters when they heard my name wd immediately connect me to Nancy Drew and the elderly wd refer to Ronald Reagans wife.
    This also brings to mind a blogger named Gayathri Vishwanathan who wrote on her profile page something like “before u ask, nope I’m no related to Vishwanathan Anand” 😀

  3. 😀 Hehe!
    In my case, there is a very obvious National award winning Konkona Sen-Rahul Bose starrer (I’m sure you know my surname now!), because of which people tend to call me and the Dude by the name of the movie! 😀 And ofcourse, I find it very annoying! But anecdotes, I will have to think harder!

  4. LOL @My name is Nu and I am not from the family. I can so imagine that 🙂

    Movie line which I identify with – I am clueless 😦 I wish I could think of something – but it is doubtful, given the fact that I hardly watch movies 😦

    1. isn’t it ?

      You gotta find one Hitchy !! You’re not tagged because you’ve stopped being around !!! hmmpf !!

      Waiting to see wonders of your grey cells 😛

    1. Or I saw the movie and AB happened 😛
      Or AB happened and I saw the movie…:P

      Those days, I was falling in love with my chat/mail friend called AB, I happened to see all the movies and read books on internet love 😛 Somehow all of them came by me, on Tv or thru Library… heights na heee hee 🙂

      No wonder I fell so badly for the guy AB 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      1. U know na, all the world conspires …… 😀 😀 😀
        let me see whether I can come up with a post on this… now that I have spammed u with so much comments 😛

  5. There is a very famous Bong movie after my name…. and a very infamous hotel at a local sea side here too ;p .. have to bear the brunt of both often 😛

  6. Wow…that sounded more like My name Is Bond…James Bond 😀 😉

    Sahi mein…mujhe yaad hai wo garage…our vehicles still go there for servicing 😛
    ( you don’t know this but I’d asked my Dad if the garagewala had a daughter and all, in your context obviously, and he informed he only has a son 😛 )
    So there…I saved my obvious question from you 😀 😀

    Next post on this one 🙂

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