I hate that person

It is that moment in life when everything seems to have gone haywire..it is then when I feel upset about everything in my life..about me..about the people around…about every other thing that makes me a person that I’m !

Anger is a very dreadful emotion..it could be very bad at times and when it occurs it can take away lot of good things from a person-people,relationships….one fights and talks bad when in anger-all unintentional-and most of the times it’s only our own people who have to bear the lashes of it…

I hate anger ! But alas it will never leave me…I’m short tempered and lose it when something goes like a tangent to my wish…though over the years I’ve tried to control my anger…how ? there is no particular technique that I’ve adopted but yes I try to just let it go for that moment [I feel crying at that moment helps instead of putting your despair in words….because the bottom line is to take it out of your system]and after the weather inside my heart is settled down to-if not normal-then close to it I pick up the threads and talk…discuss..and try to sort it out ! No, this is not a guaranteed method of controlling the repercussions of anger…but yes this has helped me to cool down when required..specially in situations where you MUST not shout back or so !

But in any case I hate to be angry..It’s not good for health nor for the relationships !It always shows up a different person than what I’m other times.I hate that person,totally!

What do you do when you feel that pang of anger in you ?

59 thoughts on “I hate that person

  1. hmm… u r rite.. i hate myself too and worst is that I start scolding my hubby 😦 but after a lot of iterations like this.. I hv realized that I m wrong.. if i can make myself understand that and see ppl around me care n love soo much.. I calm down in few minutes 😀 I just keep telling myself.. life is too short to waste it on some silly issues (99% of the time issues r really silly)… calm down fast and enjoy this moment 🙂

    1. hey i hv given link to my blog in previous post reply.. I m still wondering why it doesn come with my name 😦

      1. you need to go to the ‘Personal Settings’ section on your dashboard and ‘Account Details’ sub section. Fill in your blog’s url there so that next time whenever you comment on any blog it’ll leave the hyperlink !

        gets easy for readers to reach you 🙂

  2. Su always says ‘When u r angry, count ten’ So, I go away from the scene and listen to some music 🙂 It does the trick for me 🙂

  3. Boy… I’m so short tempered that I’ve offered taking up Anger Management classes at times….but the truth is one has to find the answer to it from within…I like to be left alone to rethink my stance and behaviour….go for a walk….listen to some soothing music…but most of all what works for me is A Jr….one smile from him and I’m disarmed!!! 😀 🙂

  4. Talking does not help all the time. It is best to remove yourself from the scene for sometime and then give yourself time to calm down. It is best not to say anything when you are truly angry as you tend to say things that you later regret.
    Hate is a very strong word, we may dislike a person, not hate. Most of the times we hate the circumstances and not the person. As we feel unable to control the situation we tend to get frustrated and that is why we feel angry. Best is to walk away.

  5. Whenever I am angry..I keep mum,reality is that things which bother me..never go out of my mind/head very easily..I keep on cribbing about them..till date I have not found any solution to this 😉

    1. I can relate to your situation…I might as well start talking normally but the things get etched in my mind and they stay like almost forever !

  6. Anger so often condenses to silent tears in my case, if not then I simply go quiet for a while. This kind of a trance lasts for a very short span and then am back to normal 😀 😀

    I used to be quite hot-headed when I was a teenager, but ever since I stepped in my twenties I have gone lot cooler than before 😛

    1. Yes..the age factor plays an important role here..I agree…with time we become a bit more cooler and think broadly about things around

  7. I go silent. Over the time I have realized even if you don’t mean ; the words coming out of anger do the damage. So I just keep mum, divert my attention. Hey put on some bolly music and dance your heart out. See you anger will be gone then. 🙂

    1. yeah I agree…the words do the unwanted damage 😐

      By the way have you made ‘colours and lights’ a private blog now ?

  8. I wonder what to I do… I don’t loose my temper easily, but when that happens I think I become quiet, I wish could yell and express anger, but that doesn’t happen. It’s not bad to be able to throw a fit, sometimes it works best, so long as it is in one’s control.

    1. wow at that..like you know being able to go quiet instead of getting furious about things ! But yes sometimes,its nice to be able to take it out of your system by talking,shouting or crying..whatever !

  9. I go quiet… I mean unusually quiet and guess that’s what unsettles people around me because i am always so full of life… and the other bad thing is that when asked I dont say… Y says that he actually has to instigate me to get more angry so that he gets to know what’s bothering me… strange logic he has.. but ya I refuse to talk when I am angry… I only talk in my head to myself.. till sleep takes over..

    i dunno what got you this upset…. but in case u wanna talk u know i am there right? {{{hugs}}}}

    1. oye it’s not anything to do about me being upset at this moment..just that the thought crossed my mind and I wrote about it 🙂

      okay here..yes I’m kind of same..either I’ll go totally quiet or I’ll talk it out [loudly/angrily] but whatever it is since I’m always full of life and chirpy all the time..even a min of silence makes other wonder what has gone wrong with me 🙂

  10. Good take…

    Nu, when I was young, I used to ignore things that bothered me and only concentrated on things that made me happy. And I think, that quality still lingers somewhere inside me…that helps a lot to divert the anger towards something I like.

    I may be very philosophical in my thinking…but getting angry is not going to take us anywhere. If someone did something to annoy you, try to go around it and ignore that the whole thing happened or it was not aimed at you…its quite difficult…sometimes I pour out the frustrations to my husband and then feel at peace with me…

    Take care…anger is not good for health….Why dont you join yoga classes ???? Pranayams and meditation are the best to cool the soul… 🙂

    1. Thankiee for the advice and sharing your experience too 🙂

      Ums I’m fine re…this was just a thought that crossed my mind and hence I put it here for general discussion 🙂

      But any ways, Yoga helps in a lot of ways

  11. I cry when I’m angry… Embarassing, but helps. I’m very short tempered. And a dear friend of mine’s sort of giving me anger management classes. 😦
    He says, just stop for a second think about it. I always text/call him when I get pissed off! 😀

  12. I dont think anyone would like to be angry with anything or anyone for that matter. Its a state of mind which one experiences when things dont go as per what he/she has imagined or expected, right? Some have immense self-control to regulate that anger some dont.

    I do get uncontrollably angry and thats a cue to one of the symptoms of my PMS 😀 ;).

    1. you just said that…the pmsy me gets annoyed with a lot of things which are pretty normal according for a normal person 🙂

  13. I crib crib crib crib to anyone who will listen. If at work, I put on my earphones and listen to extremely LOUD music till the anger dies down. And ofcourse I ensure I do something to piss off the person who made me angry. This not good advice, it is just facts 😦

  14. I generally keep quiet, withdraw myself it the anger passes…sometimes, I blow the fuse on the unsuspecting husband!
    Sleep, reading – always helps too 🙂

  15. I punch in the pillow to vent my anger. I am done with the story Nu. All work done – tags and story. Relief 🙂 Oh and again a new theme. I liked the previous one though.

    1. punching the pillow ?? nice one 🙂 yep read all your tags 🙂 good boy you’re 🙂

      Oh do you think the earlier was better ?

  16. I usually cry, if I let the anger get to me, else I try to scribble what I am feeling at that moment, either paper or laptop.. and later throw it away.. That feels good :), and helps with the no crying too !

  17. Ohh we are quite similar…I have cooled down over time..more due to growing up 🙂 But there is a dangerous streak in me still 😀

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