Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…………part 1

My heart aches and I’m dreaded to see that we’re turning out to be a routine couple. Why,are we giving it a thought any time ? Do we even want to spend some time on this and want to know what’s putting us on a totally different track which we have never been to ?

Ketaki spoke to herself when she could have easily spoken to Pradeep who was just sitting next to her in the car-driving to their respective offices.
They’ve been a very nice couple since 2 years now and always stood out from the usual married couples’ crowd.They are known to understand each other so very well that sometimes it is too good to be true a relationship ! But past few days have been kind of disaster in their household.They have not been understanding each other as they did before..for a moment Ketaki thought what’s going wrong? She tried to settle it down by sitting next to Pradeep’s side when he was reading the news paper yesterday morning.
Ketaki: Hey !
Pradeep: huh !
Ketaki: What’s the news today ?
Pradeep: Nothing new as such…
Ketaki: *silent*
Pradeep: *analysing her for a moment* Okay out with it !
Ketaki: *thinking that he is still able to read what’s in her mind without she even uttering a word* I’ve been trying to analyse what’s going wrong between us…We’ve not been talking nicely to each other since few days now…
Pradeep: Hmmm
Ketaki: I really want to re-construct it…will you help me ?
Pradeep: *feeling already drained emotionally * I too want to sort it out…to hurt you is the last thing in my life that I would want to do…
Ketaki: *regaining her confidence in their relationship* I’m glad you said it…I knew…We can’t go wrong…let’s drop what all happened few days back and start afresh…ya ?
Pradeep: All what you say,ma’m 🙂
*they hugged each other tightly and were glad that the morning had brought a new day in their life once again*
But today a trivial discussion disturbed their minds and they unknowingly broke the promise that they made yesterday to each other…Of course they both were upset with it and wanted to gel back…but something stopped them…

14 thoughts on “Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…………part 1

  1. First??The story does sound interesting…a loving couple going through a rough patch…stretch it a bit more first dear…suggesting anything at this stage is tough…I only hope you don't have an extra-marital angle 😛

  2. How you end a story is always your prerogative, if it is well written, the readers will love it, no matter how you end the story. You do not have to explain every thing to your reader, just treat them as intelligent people and you will do very well.Nice debut attempt,Nu. To be good as a writer, you have to keep writing. Remember practice makes a woman perfect!

  3. Nice one for a beginning dear Nupur. Just write on. Listen to whatever your inner mind says. And whatever, don't think how the end product will look like. Just revel in the wonder of writing and remember that as your go on with this journey, you will be surprised with the results.Go on writing dear Nu.May the muses permanently stay with you. Passion and love,Susan

  4. You could end it on a positive note…with the characters going back to normal….Every marriage has ups and downs and your story actually reminded me of of my marriage 🙂 we still have these tiffs..but forget about minor road bumps..A very good attempt I mus say ,Kudos to you…

  5. @All: the story's next 3 parts are might as well want to check :)@Scribblers,Poonam,Anusha and I: Welcome all here 🙂

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