52 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-19

  1. First 🙂

    I hope this beautiful art and tradition of Indian culture is restored to its former glory. Puppet shows were such good fun in my childhood. lovely WW

    1. second 😦

      I thought the same Tiku..I remember parents taking me to the puppet shows..unfortunately these days there are only gizmo for kids to play and have fun 😐

  2. “Colors wrong”
    the little one said,
    hanging on
    in multicolor;

    The central
    wears pink,
    her cabinet
    wears blue;
    and the moustache
    is the only concession
    we will allow
    for being the power
    in front,
    and behind the throne…..

    1. no sweetie,not first 😦

      heheh aur yeh zindagi ek drama hai 😉

      where were you all this while nuts ??? I hope now you’re back,ya ?

  3. I looooove these!!! In A Jr’s school they have these puppet theatres…I’m not sure how much he’ll like them but I’m dying to see them perform! 🙂

    1. how lucky…you’ll get to see the puppet show again 🙂

      AJ’s school have these ? that’s great in this age and time!

    1. oye ! you don’t remember..take something to improve your memory…gee…I had told you abt the blogger’s meet in Mumbai !!

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