Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…2

…continuing from part 1

the day started as usual with Ketaki making tea for both of them…Pradeep was busy ruffling pages of news before yesterday they had decided that they’ll not let trivial issues come in between them and hence both of them were determined to be as normal as they can be after the dishevelled week that went by…

at the breakfast table Ketaki decided to bring the topic again…the last time she had talked about it Pradeep was uncomfortable and didn’t want to discuss further…but she wanted to clear some things and for that they had to talk !

Ketaki: What’s the news ?
Pradeep: Nothing tea ready ?
Ketaki: Yep..just the way you like it *beaming with a smile*
Pradeep: *sipping the hot ginger tea* never fail to make this perfect tea…
Ketaki: *blushing* all for you…
Ketaki: Well, I wanted to talk to you about something…
Pradepp: Hmm..go ahead…*eyes at the newspaper*
Ketaki: I was thinking would you come with me to the doctor today ?
Pradeep: *alarmed of what is coming ahead* hmm..well…my day is pretty busy today…when do you want to go?
Ketaki: Evening ?
Pradeep: Why don’t you go today and if required I’ll accompany you next time ?
Ketaki: *determined that she had to go with Pradeep only* Well, we make it tomorrow if it suits you !
Pradeep: *Knowing that he has to give in* Hmm okay…take tomorrow’s appointment.

And after this conversation they both left for the day…the entire day Ketaki was thinking..worrying actually about what would happen at the doctors’…how would they face the reality ? what was the reality ? But somewhere Ketaki was sure that they together will face it..come what may ! After all marriage is holding each others’ hand and never leaving it in any situation whatsoever ! This feeling gave her strength and she put that thought aside and concentrated on her work…

The next day morning started as usual in Ketaki-Pradeep’s household..only when it ticked 5 o’ clock in the evening is when Pradeep became restless..Ketaki too was tensed..but she managed to keep her cool…they were to meet the doctor at 6.00 pm.

While coming back home..the air between them was unsettled..they were uncomfortable..they had heard the truth that they never wanted to believe..never wanted to hear…but now was the time that they faced the dark spot in their life…they had to accept the fact that they would not have their own children…there was no way !

When they got married,like every other couple,they also thought about having their children..setting up their dream world..working towards it together and making it happen the way they wanted it to ! But this one visit to the doctor had disturbed everything…the relationship was not the same for that moment…in fact nothing was the same for that moment…they were torn apart..they were broken…and yet they had only each other for themselves ! To hug, to comfort each other…to understand each other…to lean on shoulder and cry !

Ketaki had discovered this a few months back when they decided that they’ll have a baby. She doubted but was not ready to believe that Pradeep had some problems. Of course she loved him with her whole heart…and she would be with him in any given situation…only having babies is not the aim of life after all ! But Pradeep was a bit restless and he always avoided the discussion and totally disagreed to see a doctor…

That was when Ketaki got worried..she insisted and after lots of insistence Pradeeep gave in finally and they visited the doctor and the truth came out. But Ketaki was not hurt with the reports…what hurt her more was that Pradeep knew this right from the start..even when they were dating…but he never told her..

Ketaki expected him to tell the truth before they got married….not because she could have denied his marriage proposal..because they would have started their relationship on a positive note based on trust…it hurt Ketaki a lot..she felt that she failed in the was a loss..after all when there is no trust how could a relationship go on ? How would it survive ? She decided to move on…to go end the relationship…cause her heart had started thinking Did I marry the right person?

to be continued….

10 thoughts on “Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…2

  1. Wonderfully put together, Nu. I read the first part, but didn't want to comment before you finished the story…I must now say that I love the story. A nice piece of fiction, Nu. Keep writing!

  2. Is it over yet? Waiting at this end. Hmmm. I wonder why she doesn't want to stay with him and give him a second chance after forgiving him. Who knows why he decided to keep that away from her. Maybe love!New tagline and background!!! Nice.Joy and peace,Susan

  3. Is the story over? I hope not.Trust is the basis of every relationship but still I don't hate the guy for lying(or concealing the truth)He probably did it not to lose out on this relationship. Nothing is really simple in life or relationships, some couples know how to get past roadblocks, some give up early.

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