A new fever

My trip to Pune last week was more than just fun-filled. I met lot of school friends after around say 2-12 years…yes..after 12 years also !! It was no doubt a great time with friends with whom you’ve spent your precious childhood days 🙂 and last week I was spending time with their kids and listening to their interesting blabber and hearing their gurgling laughs 😛 ..one of my friend’s daughter was so surprised to know that I was her mum’s school friend..very innocently she asked my friend: mumma,that means me and Aisha will also meet when we grow this big ? Kids and their cute questions 🙂

Childhood is so precious..all the time learning and forming…it’s an experience in itself to spend some time with a child and see what are his/her views about things…those with children here would understand what I mean…

Any way, so the new fever that I was talking about is: Quilling craft. Apart from meeting my old friends and having fun doing simply nothing in particular I learnt quilling craft from my kid sisters at my aunt’s place. These girls are 10 and 6 and they know a lot more craft than I’ve done in my entire life,no really !

Some interesting crafts that they have done :

Punch Craft
3-D quilling

And yes the quilling fever has caught me and I’m totally into it these days 🙂 Loving every moment of quilling…it’s real fun..Surprisingly I thought it’s a new stuff and was baosting about it to my friends here,like Varsh,they said they’ve already been there and done that 😐 So may be I’m the last one to put my hands on this craft…oh so what ! At least now I know 😉

Oh and how can I forget these ? Umm….yummmm ! They say it’s Pune’s famous biscuits and one should not miss them 🙂 So I got 2 packets of these and now relishing with my green tea while I write this blog 😉

The Pune Fame

All in all I had a great time in Pune and a day in Mumbai 🙂 How was your weekend/long weekend ?


44 thoughts on “A new fever

  1. Yeah…had A Jr been a bit older he’d get scandalised seeing us go all freaky and huggy with each other…it was indeed fun to meet up after so long…didn’t feel like it was 12 yrs though, did it??

    I have to admit I did a lot of that Quilling stuff, but none of that was as superb as these girls did! And it was not 3D..the concept is new to me.

    The cookies look good. But if I had to pick something from Pune, there are no ways about it. I’d buy the Chitale’s Bhakarwadi. I love it so much I ask my BIL very blatantly to bring it for me whenever we’re going to meet 😀

    1. oh of course I did pick up bakarwadi and amba wadi too 🙂 Didn’t want you guys to be super jealous of me hence didn’t post 😉

      1. Good girl..without that the trip to Pune is incomplete…and FYI…i’m not jealous…2 more days to go…and I’ll have an endledd stock of it back home. (Though I’m trying very very hard to cotrol and not eat them. Extra calories are not needed!! :P)

        1. oh please don’t tell me that you’re fat ! you’re so maintained having junior A !

          2 days to go for the goodie bag darling…tab tak I can tease you 😛

  2. 😦 U r showing these biscuits and I m drooling here.. this is the worst time of the day when u feel really hungry..

    hey wats this new craft with dolls.. please tell more details na.. i knw normal quilling but how did they create dolls.. that too soooo pretty 🙂

    1. you too know quilling 😐 hmmpf..I’m really the last one to know it seems 😛

      This is 3-d quilling with which you make objects…will write more on this in another post

  3. Wow meeting school friends after such a long time is a big feeling….

    @Shrewsberry yummmmm!! Slurp Slurrrp me wants and some bhakharwadi too 😦 Damn!!!! I miss pune so muuuuch

    1. oh yes I’ll teach you how to do it 🙂 it’s pretty simple…thank god someone’s at my side 🙂

      Come over,both of us will enjaaaay goodies 🙂

  4. Those crafts are so cute and neat!! I got reminded of my school days when we were supposed to learn one new craft each year and exhibit out work.

    Heard a lot about Shrewsbury biscuits, been in Pune twice but missed it 😦

    What did I do this weekend? At home, sleep, eat, browse, sleep eat….:-D

  5. Damn fun! School friends are forever. And really!
    And like the crafts too! 🙂 Enjoy quilling. Although I’d suck at it! 😦
    Great to know you’d fun

  6. OMG !! I am so late here…is there any biscuit left for me…Nu, darling, did u save a piece for me ???? 😉

    Its wonderful to meet school frnds and talk abt our schooling days…yeah, I am doing that in Chennai….

    Quill craft !!! Sounds interesting…and those girls are quite talented, they have done extremely beautiful crafts…let them continue to do more of them….

    1. they indeed are talented souls in our family 🙂 every time I visit them I learn something new from these little angels 🙂

      Yes yes you’re so late 😐 where were you ? busy distributing trophies ? hmmpf..no consolation prize for me na ? 😦

      No biscuit for you now 😛

  7. wow i love those crafts…:) errrr but Pune has been so bad to me both the times.. tht i’m not much fond of tht city…So cant really comment about it 🙂

    glad u had a great time 🙂

  8. Wot eet eez this quilling? It looks pretty, though I will need to google the meaning 😀
    Yum , biscuits and cookies! I was introduced to bhakarwadis pretty late in life, but now I have a lot of it *drool*
    I am hungry now 😦 Me wants cookies!

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