From Buzz to Me:TAG

An announcement: My Travel blog HAPPY FEET is now at wordpress.Go check :)

My little Buzzie Pie tagged me to this. You must go and check her tag if you haven’t already. She even won the ‘Spicy Saturday’ pick from BlogAdda for that 🙂 Congrats buzzie 🙂

I can go on and on if I start writing about Buzz…she is a sweetheart..those of you who know her-got my point ! Okay so over to the tag now 🙂 The tag says I’ve to list 9 things that I wear regularly. Hmm let’s see if that’s going to be tough for me 🙂

  1. Sindoor-I like wearing that though I don’t wear any other suhaag ki nishaani.
  2. Engagement Ring-Always there 🙂
  3. UGs- Oh well yes, that is understood but have to be listed no ? 😉
  4. Perfume- My favs being- JLo, Navy and White Musk..oh do I need to mention that I love perfumes ? 🙂
  5. Attitude-I’m said to carry a certain attitude all the time..I don’t know if by that people mean that I’m rough or rude or a very sweet…but whatever…I agree I carry an attitude…for me it’s the positive one 🙂
  6. oh it’s getting tougher you see ! Ya, Lip gel- Can’t survive without that you see.
  7. My Slip ons- I just love them..they’re so comfortable for the other pairs are just lying unattended since I’ve got these..
  8. Pair of glares-I love wearing them-both the black and the brown ones- and I can’t forget these when I step out.
  9. Nail Colour- I’m not like a daily nail enamel person but usually colour my toe nails regularly..

YAY done with it now 🙂

What Buzz ? I need to tag few aunties and Uncles here ? Okies..

see I tag Varsh, DI, G, Insignia, Piyu, Neha Silam, Niveditha and any one who wants to take this tag up..please do 🙂

Muuuah Buzzie…Loved this tag…oh but of course mine is nothing in front of you…tera bahut accha hai..super cool ! HUGS


20 thoughts on “From Buzz to Me:TAG

    1. painting toe nails because they look ugly if I don’t do that 😐 ahh please not that HR trait like you mentioned 😛

      do that..copy kar paste kar..pan kar tar sahi ! 🙂

  1. Wwwwoooooooo, Listing 9 things I wear is too much, rather I can come up with three times more the number of things I dont wear!!!

    OK!! Yes, coming to your list – wearing an attitude is the coolest thing!!

    Thanks for tagging me 🙂 Lotta tags to take up!!

  2. Oh !!! Cool tag !!! Love your attitude and you have done it quite easily…I cant even list 5 or 6 of those…let me…saving this tag for rainy days… 🙂

  3. Cool list…your WW on toe nails was hardly a surprise then 😉

    Will take a while to take this up…you know I’m off for some time…but my next post will be on this one! 😀

  4. haw :O
    my reader didnt detect the recent posts on this blog!

    things u wear regularly – UGs? u dont wear them always? 😛 😀

    {runs before getting hit by a chappal}

  5. Thankie Nu! Will do it soon, biji at work you see 😦
    And 5 posts! FIVE posts! In the time I have been out! 😮 Arggh! Lemme go read them!

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