When it rains…

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I love rains ! Well,who doesn’t ?

I know even I dislike that kichad and all that stuff…specially when I have to reach somewhere I don’t want to get drenched..in fact I just don’t want it to rain then 🙂 Selfish,I know !

Okay but otherwise..the other times..I lurve rains ! With rains there are so many things which come in..like

  • Hot cup of coffee..though I’m not much a tea-coffee person but in rainy season-I’m full on coffee/green tea dependant 🙂
  • Books..Reading books is an every season activity..but with rains there is a special feeling attached to books…hai na ?
  • Staring out of your window..just sitting there and looking outside..somewhere in the sky or the trees or wherever 🙂
  • Romantic fever 😉 Believe it or not..rains are magical..they add spice to your romance ! I can see that smile in agreement 🙂
  • Early morning rendezvous with your spouse/parent..or even better going for walk with them 🙂
  • Listening to your fav songs…rains adds pleasure to the usual lift that the songs give you 🙂
  • Long Drives….. even the mention of them is so wow 🙂
  • Spending time at your terrace…wandering through your garden..looking at the greens..feeling amidst nature !

What is it that rains bring to you ?

Oh while I let you think about it I’ve some pictures to show you from my garden…specially for you Smiths 🙂

The various greens from the garden

And hey how can I forget to add this to the above list

Yummy Bhutta
So,thought about what rains bring to your door step ? List them down 🙂

43 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. WOW !!! Rains…right now munching on some salted peanuts with some hot tea, watching the rain thru the window and reading ur post !!! Life is divine, I tell you.

    Love to all those listed there, but the best one is the bhutta !!! Hmmm…delicious.

    Plus, I am right now, going to bake some cakes…the smell of which will make the rains feel more divine. 🙂

    Coming ????

    1. cakes ??? oh c’mon Ums…don’t make me drool from here only…come here na ..we’ll bake and chat and drink ginger tea…and make everyone jealous 😛

  2. Rains!! They bring smile and joy. What I do while it rains – I have a post on it, along with poem

    Check when you find time – http://spice-n-ice.blogspot.com/2010/06/rains.html

    The real fun is

    – To wear stark white pants and walk in the slush and challenge yourself how white the pants are by the time you reach home

    – To enjoy yummylicious ice cream while walking in the light drizzle.

    – To walk getting wet when its pouring and everyone running away looking for cover while giving you an awkward stare that you have gone insane.

    – To sway the branches and the leaves and feel the chill water drops on your face

    – When the rain stops, hear the birds chirp and the cuckoo sing, the squirrel scampering 🙂

    1. your list is wow !! And I realized how I too love doing all that except I’ve never tried whites in the rains 🙂

      the ‘people giving you an odd stare..’ very very true ! You feel all the more special then 🙂

  3. whattta topic! 🙂

    -The first thing that comes to my mind is kanda bhaji(or vada pav) and cutting chai to be had outside, from a street vendor, while getting drenched
    -Smelling and drooling over roasted corn and letting your nasal instincts lead you to the vendor
    -Listening to romantic songs based on rain when its raining
    -Watch the round drops slowly fall off from the leaves, bending the leaf while falling
    -Riding on a bike, singing and getting drenched(on the backseat of course)

    1. amazing list girl 🙂

      smelling and drooling over roasted corns !!! my god!!
      round drops falling from the leaf…amazing 🙂

      YAY..happy rains [is it raining there ? ;)]

  4. He he u made it easy for me to comment, bcoz u hv almost all of them on ur list 😛
    I luvvvvv gng on long drives when it rains and then walking with the husband, adjusting below that one umbrella 😉 😉

  5. I love love love rains too! Though they mean power cuts, and keechad and traffic jams! I usually have a super-goofy smile on my face when I stare out at the rains 😀
    Lovely list! Makes me want to go home now! It is raining anyway 🙂

  6. I love monsoons 🙂 Pakoras, raindrops, reading (I agree it is special in monsoons ), the sitting int he balcony and the clean green look 🙂

    I don’t like bhutta 😦

    And your garden is beautiful!!! I would love to see more pictures of your garden!!!

    1. you don’t like bhutta ??? oh why !

      Oh yes I’ll try to capture nice pictures of garden..this was just on the fly photography today morning 🙂

  7. Wow! Lovely garden. Are those tulips? Yellow ones? :-O

    Btw, the long drives reminded me of how breathtaking the expressway looked this time. Do a collage of those pics too Nu. Monsoon magic indeed! 🙂

    1. oh yes, those pictures are yet to be put up…I’ll do that for sure..

      Tulips yes ! They looked so so fresh in the morning 🙂

    1. toiled ?? are baap re..I didn’t do nothing 😦 Just taking care of what mali is doing 🙂

      Me too wants a bhutta now…

  8. I am going to be odd woman out here. Rain and cloudy weather makes me depressed. and after having too much of rain I am just happy that sun is shining bright 🙂
    But hey bhutta can do anytime 😛

  9. Ah.. nice!! 🙂
    I love the rains, have mentioned it so many times now!! 😀

    I agree to your list as well! Snuggling into a blanket with a book is simply awesome! 😀

    And of course, the cuddles! 😉

  10. 1) Takes me an hour for a 10 min drive
    2) Water gets inside the house every time it rains
    3) Clothes take eons to dry and smell weird
    4) Power failures everyday
    5) Footwear fiascos
    But when it rains, none of the above matter. Chapak chapak

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