Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…3

continuing from part 2

Ketaki was in dilemma. After all she had loved Pradeep with her heart and soul. How could they break up…she remembered her own thoughts few weeks back..

My heart aches and I’m dreaded to see that we’re turning out to be a routine couple. Why,are we giving it a thought any time ? Do we even want to spend some time on this and want to know what’s putting us on a totally different track which we have never been to ?

Then why was she doing this to her…to Pradeep..was it her ego ? Or was she right ? Letting go wasn’t that simple..she thought to herself..but once in love..deep love..was it really easy to back off in a minute ? It may take her entire life to forget Pradeep and start a new life…may that will never happen..may she’ll never be able to love anyone now…Ketaki was standing at crossroads of life..she had never thought she would have to take such a tough decision…

She signed the divorce papers with trembling hands and gave it to the lawyer..she hurriedly went to her room and closed the door..closed her eyes…she could not think about anything..she just could not trust herself…what had she done ? Broken all the promises ? The entire day went by…she sat by the window and was blank..not able to think..not able to do anything…just blank !

Days passed and Ketaki found it more difficult to even settle down in her daily routine..everything seemed so messed up..she hadn’t heard from Pradeep since that day…the day when he had come to her and apologised..explained..pleaded..and promised…but she stood there like a statue..stubborn..not moving a bit..she didn’t even look at Pradeep then…how rude she was she thought to herself now…

While she was thinking about everything once again..the door bell was the every day the maid started off with her work..suddenly she came to Ketaki and said:

Maid: madam,what happened to you? you’re not eating properly these days…you’re not stepping out of your house..not meeting anyone..aise kaise chalega ?
Ketaki: Hmm…
Maid: Chalo utho..fresh ho jao..main apke liye chai banati hai..fir aap kahi ghumne chale jana…wasie bhi yeh sab toh zindagi mein hota hi rehta hai…[get up i’ll make you some tea and you go out take some fresh air..this keeps happening in life]
Ketaki: *surprised with the maid’s comment* What are you talking about neena ?
Maid: yahi madam..marad ka ana-jana…aajkal rishto ka kya bharosa..chal gaye to theek warna aur bhi theek…mera marad bhi aisa hi karta hai..uska mann hota hai toh ghar ata hai warna ata hi nahi..maine toh sochna band kar diya hai…apun apni life mein aise hi khush !

What was that maid saying ? Was Pradeep-Ketaki’s relation like that ? She kept thinking….she also felt pity for the maid-what life does she have ? And yet she is so cool about it..she also felt brave about the maid..Neena did not let herself break because of what her husband was doing to her…after all these people are accustomed to this kind of life….

wait…these people ? this kind of life? Ketaki froze..she thought..

was Pradeep like that ? No. Was he unfaithful to her ever ? No.Did they not enjoy each others’ company ? Yes. Did they not love each other ? Yes. Did Pradeep not come to her on his knees and begged for forgiveness ? Yes…Then why Ketaki,why ? Why are you trying to be God ? What if it was you instead of Pradeep ? What if Pradeep had dumped you like this without even listening to your side ?

Something strike inside her…she got ready in hurry…after all she had to reach Pradeep before it’s too late…she went upstairs and got ready..picked up Pradeep favourite pink cotton saree..and the earrings..and the bangles that Pradeep gifted her ..within no time she was ready…she was happy..excited and felt better already….while she rushed downstairs to leave the door bell rang….she didn’t want anyone to turn up right now..after all she was going to meet Pradeep..her Pradeep…

She opened the door to find courier boy…she took the courier and just kept is aside and rushed out of the door…drove her car as fast as she could and finally reached Pradeep’s friends’ home..she felt bad for a moment..after the doctor’s visit she had asked Pradeep to leave the house…now she could not believe she had been so rude to him ~

Okay she would apologise for her bad behaviour..she would set things right…both of us would forget the past and start afresh….with this thought she gathered the courage to ring the door bell…Avinash opened the door..gave a startled look at Ketaki but welcomed her ..she was very restless..without wasting any second she asked for Pradeep…Avinash was surprised yet again…he told her that Pradeep had already left this place…in fact he might not even be in the city now…he was shifting to Bangalore…Avinash felt sorry for Ketaki and said she is too late may be !

Emotinally drained Ketaki reached back home…she was heart broken once again..but this time it was because of her…She was late in realizing the depth of their relationship..she was late ! While lying on the sofa she caught hold of the courier that had arrived while she was leaving…it was from Bangalore…she opened it in hurry…the stapler pin piercing her index finger..she didn’t pain was greater than the pain of losing Pradeep forever…as she opened the envelope…she was stunned…she was speechless..kept staring at the documents….and tears rolled down her cheek….


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  1. @T: I'm glad :)@Anurag: Coming soon 🙂 @LP: the next part is arriving pretty soon :)@Reema: Pretty soon :)@Nivi: You gotta see what's it all about :)@Divi:thankiee..4th and final part coming your way 🙂

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