Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…4

continuing from part 3

It was a sunny weekend and Ketaki was beaming with happiness…Well it was a new life and she didn’t want anything to go wrong with this one now…she was careful in everything she did or said to the man now she loved so much !

They had planned a cosy picnic at the near by park…both of them were so excited for the day…while getting ready for the picnic she found a paper in her cupboard…the same paper that had changed her life few days back..memories flashed back…he had told her to destroy that paper and any such thing which would take her to the past…but she had insisted on keeping remember how she had gone wrong and how she was late…late in life then ! The day replayed in front of her eyes clearly…

She could not believe her eyes…she re-read the documents..clutching them in her hands she cried…she wanted to scream and take it out of her system…She felt guilty about her behaviour with Pradeep.

Tears rolled down her cheeks in an instant…all that happened in the past was once again in front of her…that is when he stepped in the room and asked her for the towel…she didn’t move..may be she didn’t even listen…he realised that something is wrong with her…he went close to her and saw the same paper in her hands…he kept his hand on her shoulder and turned her towards him…she was crying…he kissed her on her forehead and hugged her like a child..and she knew things are fine yet again….

The courier was from Pradeep which carried the Bangalore flight ticket ..with a letter saying that he has got a new job and he is going ahead..she is required to get the things packed up and come as soon as possible to be with him…he wanted to start a new life..he wanted to give their relationship one chance…he knew..he believed that they can’t live without each other and he was sure that she would come back to him…so what she was late…she will come…he trusted in their love..and he was waiting for her !

And today they were together…yet again..happy and contended…Love is all about trusting and understanding each other…sometimes one might hide things but Pradeep was never disloyal to her..there is a difference between hiding things and telling lies…She realized that and she was glad life gave her another chance !


13 thoughts on “Yeh Kya Hua…Kaise Hua ?…4

  1. Thank God, they were finally together! There was this churning feeling within me and the thought that she had lost her for ever made me feel so bad! A very-well knit story…kept me on the edge all along 🙂

  2. Lovely ending! I liked it :-)He was wrong at hinding such an important information from her, but its not a mistake that cannot be pardoned. He got the punishment he deserved, the fear of losing her, and the encouragement his love deserved, which is forgiveness…

  3. Nicely narrated :)I like happy endings.. but honestly, I kinda felt, she should not have forgiven him.. I think she should have done something more to deserve that second chance.. I don't completely understand why I feel that way myself 😦

  4. hmm somehow for me hiding something knowingly and intentionally is a crime as equivalent to any other betrayal. But sometimes one has to see the bigger picture I guess.

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