On behalf of us all-come back

You know every time I logged into the reader I thought I’ll get an update of new post..no luck !

Every time I logged in to the gtalk-several times a days in the week-I thought I’ll get the first ping from you..no luck !

Finally,I thought you’re too busy in your own NEW world and have forgotten me and I’m left with no luck !

But hey what the F*%$k πŸ˜‰ you smsed me saying that you’re missing so, so much !! And I could not feel better than that πŸ™‚

I replied back saying that I’m missing you too and why you aren’t visible in this B-world ?

and to that you told me why you’re away and that you wanted me to write about you…something which you know but you wanted to hear [read] !

And to that I said that I was just about to write something like that about you since I wasn’t able to get through you..I said it’s telepathy…

and to that you said no dear it’s love πŸ˜‰

Yes Sags…you’ve been missed so much in this B-world of ours…where you,me and all of us have so much fun being in that race of claiming that so-much-sought-after-hot-position..the FIRST position…where loosing that position to each other doesn’t hurt but makes us happy-shappy…where you really really crack bad jokes and throw silly dialogues but we’re still curious to read them cause it’s coming from a friend πŸ™‚ a dear friend whose blog we have started missing a lot..damn that Internet connection..when will it start functioning ?

Where we have become so closely knitted that for once we think are we for real to each other ? Where we wonder that blog friends do exist and care for you as good as your real friends ! Where we are all over each other’s lives..be it Blog or gtalk or FB…

Aww..I’m getting senti it seems 😐

Come back soon…I’m missing you..we’re missing you…

On behalf of Swar,Divi,Comfy,Revs,Ums, Varsh and everyone !


52 thoughts on “On behalf of us all-come back

    1. LOL Ya Sags Come bk soon, more so bcoz………………….. Nu will write some more such posts otherwise *Damn! I can’t even bhago properly πŸ˜‰ Rains, puddles and all that ;)*

      1. Come Come pixie let me do the honours of leading you to my blog. and yes I assure you it’s beeter there than here.. no this is also good.. but that’s waaaayyy better.. na Na dont look at Nu and expect Anger… it’s more of a joint blog there so she wouldnt mind ;p .. Right Nu?

        1. accha so you taking my readers away from here and telling them not return to my blog ???

          Aise karegi tu ? 😦 Dil pe waar ?

          Total nautanki we both are πŸ˜›

  1. So truly said, Nu…me too missing Sags so much…

    Hey, Sags, come on now…how long you can stay away from blogging ??? Missing your mad comments and replies and posts and everything…

      1. haaw Meira.. i wished you on your bday in FB thru Swaram and you forgot me… hawww !!!!! .. but now I am back to ensure such fits of amnesia dont occur ;p

    1. oye don’t throw sentiwada around…I’ll simply write a post for you even while you’re here…don’t you dare think of going away even for a bit while..samjhi ?

  2. *Big fat tears rolling down my cheeks* SAGS! Kahaan ho tum?
    I left you some mean messages on the blog to return, but you didn’t, atleast will this mushy-mushy post make you get back? Hope so! πŸ˜›

    1. Aww..so sweet πŸ˜›

      and hello don’t tell me that no one missed you okay…I dropped at your blog every now and then to know what happened to you and what you upto by ignoring the blog and us !

      Uff.. some people just don’t care 😦

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