Angel….Part 1

She watched him everyday..exactly at the same place doing exactly the same thing-taking a walk. It was a daily routine for both of them-For him to be at the park and for her to pass from that street and look at him.

Sometime or the other we all have experienced this in our lives..when we follow certain routine we tend to look forward to the things and people that we see every day on our route or at work place or in the bus or at the signals…it could happen anywhere !

For Megha it was this man who became her every day angel. She named him ‘angel’ because she started believing that her day goes well when she sees him. They never spoke because they didn’t know each other though they lived across lanes…but that didn’t matter to her too much.

This continued for almost an year.Megha’s admiration for the man increased with each passing day. But with that she also started feeling that he never looked at her. She wanted him to notice her..may be smile at her or at least just give a look. But no,he was always busy walking.This made her a little bit upset and she got an urge to make him see her..notice her.

She kept contemplating with the thought of going and meeting him.Just saying a casual hello.May be they will start talking to each otheer…just may be ?

Days passed by and she could not decide what to do.She thought to share this with her best friend who was her classmate too..but then she wasn’t sure how would Richa react to this…hence she dropped the idea.

One day while crossing the park she did not see was pretty unusual for him to miss his walk .Last one year he has never missed the routine..then what happened today ? What could be the reason ? She kept wondering as her school bus reached the destination. The entire day went by in the school but she could not take her mind off the stranger in the park. What could possibly be the reason for him to be absent ?

The next day while crossing the park he was again missing. This made Megha restless and she just wanted to know the reason as to why…why was her angel not visible?

That evening she decided she will go to his house and enquire…ask him why has he stopped coming to the park..tell him how much she admires him..that how sweet he looks and reminds her of her grandfather whom she lost just 2 years back…tears rolled down her cheek even by thinking of her grandfather…but the next moment she was happy that she is lucky that God has sent another angel for her and she is going to meet him now!

Megha reached there..rang the response..knocked at the response yet..she got a bit worried..confused as to what to do..but then she noticed that the door was not locked…after waiting for about 5 mins she decided to step inside the house…she was scared and hesitant too..what with entering a strangers’ house just like that ? Keeping all these thoughts aside she went in……

to be continued…….



23 thoughts on “Angel….Part 1

  1. hey just came aross your blog..wanted to say that you have a great blog here…keep up the good work:)

  2. Reminds me of a stranger I used to "watch" when I used to go for my walks, I had named him “SUNNY MAN”. He was a 6 footer and also broad shoulders and all! Used to usually wear yellows and reds, hence the name. wonder what happened to him, you’ve got me thinking now.Waiting for the sequel.

  3. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT now that is not FAIR.. Now got to wait for the next part :((((what did she find.. 2 days gone you shud have the second part by now .. cum on cum on cum on

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