Finally I did it

So it was MIL’s yuppie B’dday on Sunday…and yes we had great fun !

Apart from the heavy and spicy and yummy food and delicacies-like Daal Baati,Gatte Ka Saag,Jeera Rice and Motichoor ke Laddoo-which I’m not going to share the pictures of..

Offo don’t go na…I want to tell you something more..

Told you few days back right that I learnt a new craft from my kid sisters ? yeah that quilling craft. I tried my hands at that by making a greeting card for the MIL…here it is:

I used a wedding invitation card and used it’s both sides instead of making that usual opening card…so later it can be used as a show piece putting the back side facing upside 🙂

And she loved it…she praised me a lot and flaunted it to whosoever was coming to our home that day and even today that my bahu made it,she is so good at craft and the stuff..she is so creative…et al !

Ahem people ! Yes I felt niiiiiiiiiceee 🙂 in fact I felt YAY !

Oh ok..will share the picture of the cakes at least…I don’t want you to keep thinking about the food and feel jealous 😉

Yup we got two b'day cakes..what? both are over now 😛

So what do you think about my craft ?? Of course you gotta praise me buddy ! For any other thing I’ll turn deaf 😉 err…I meant blind !


45 thoughts on “Finally I did it

  1. hehehehe! Sure sure will praise if u promise to teach me also 😉 Its looking soooo pretty! I know how ur MIL would hv reacted.. 😀

    btw…. I want that daal bati :(( atleast a phot….

    1. oh thanks 🙂

      Daal Baati ? Photo ? from ours stomachs ? or the drains 😉 LOL…next time when we eat that I’ll pakka post the pics 🙂

  2. Wow!! I never knew about this quilling craft. It looks wonderful. Will check out a starter kit for it now.
    And the cakes look yummy 😀
    Cheers 🙂

    PS: Gatte ka Saag is same as Gatte ki Subzi (With Gatte and Tomato Onion etc gravy) or is it different??

  3. Aww.. so so sweet! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your MIL 🙂

    She praised your craft to everyone is it? 😉
    Now, we have no choice but to praise you!!! 😉 :mrgreen:

    LOL! seriously – it’s cute! 😀

    The cakes look yummy and the menu sounds delicious! 🙂

    1. Pixie panga na le meri jaan,panga na le 😛 LOL

      yeah she praised me for this little thing 🙂 nice na ?

      Oh the menu was finger licking lip smacking and what all you can add to the list 🙂

  4. Happy Bday to your MIL !!! 🙂

    WOW, Nu, I am impressed !!! Such a beautiful card !!! Will u make one for me too ????

    And the cakes – what ???? its over ??? U purposefully put those pics to make me drool, huh ????

    1. LOL..don’t pull them out of my blog..instead come over we can bake and relish the cake together 🙂

      oh and thanks for the compliments LOI 🙂

  5. {taking notes on how to impress MIL, 2 instead of 1 cake is such an easy maska, craft is a lil difficult though}
    Guruji, any more tips? 😀
    My dakshina would be that I’ll praise you to no end 😀

  6. Happy Birthday Nu’s MIL and Nu – thats really cute of u…i dont remember the last time i made/received a hand made card…

    And yes..i would appreciate some cake to 😀

    1. oh hand made cards are my favs..though the quilling I did for this first time..but I love making cards and put all your love and affection into that 🙂

      And thank God you’re back to this bloggin business..stupid kahan chali gayi thi ?

  7. I loved this whole concept of celebrating MIL’s bday. These things make the bond even stronger isn’t it ?
    you got to do a step by step post on quilling. 😦
    Please convery my wishes to her.
    “Aai” on cake sounds super duper cool 🙂

    1. yeah the celebration is the way to strengthen the bond and just another way to tell her that we love her 🙂 pointed it right..she felt so nice after reading that AAI on the cake 🙂

  8. Paper quilling is amazing..and there is just so much you can do with it.. not that I have done any..but have seen friends do it..and yours looks awesome..

    Happy Birthday to MIL..

    two-two cakes..yum yum..mujhe bhi chahiye 😀

    1. Yeah quilling can be used to several crafts and designs…mine was just a starter 🙂

      Tu ghar aa phir tujhe 3-3 cakes bhi milenge 🙂

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