It is been long since….

I’ve used an alarm clock instead of the mobile phone

I’ve penned letters instead of typing them

I’ve played hide and seek instead of scrabble on FB

I’ve planned a picnic in the park and played Frisbee instead of planning a day out at the malls and watch movie.

I drove on a tidy,uncluttered and fairly silent road instead of untidy,jammed and honking vehicles road.

I’ve seen strangers giving each other smiles instead of stares.

I’ve breathed a fresh air instead of charcoal and carbon filled air.

I’ve went to bed early just with a book instead of first checking the Internet and then tugging in the bed.

I’ve seen kids play in the park instead of spending all their time at play stations.

I’ve not been in hurry instead of always having a ‘to-do’ list dancing on my mind.

I’ve accepted what’s coming my way instead of cribbing for what I don’t have.

I’ve not planned my future instead of having multiple plans in place for what should my tomorrow look like.

I’ve spent some time with myself without thinking about anything instead of running around with people and for people.

Let’s take time out to do certain things that we have been missing but have never given a thought !

Let’s give ourselves one day at least a week to do what we always wanted to do !

57 thoughts on “It is been long since….

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you… Sigh, gone are the good old days… 😦

    But this I miss the most…
    I’ve went to bed early just with a book instead of first checking the Internet and then tugging in the bed.

    I almost feel like crying now. I WANT a book. It’s really been forever. 😦 Sigh… 😦 😦

  2. I have and still do most of what you mentioned..

    For most part, don’t even care where my mobile phone is..I recently wrote a letter forever, so just did it..I play with Buzz everyday, all sorts of games..Picnic even if it is on the part a block from home happens almost every weekend (malls and movies..Don’t remember the last time I was there)..Have lots of empty roads around and I love to drive..Everyone smiles at each other here, which is always good..Fresh air, check..Bed with a book, check, almost every night, even if it is a couple of pages..Kids playing, yes since I take Buzz to the park, I get to see other kids playing..

    Not too bad I think.. 😀 will get there on it a little 🙂

  3. Sparing time from our busy schedules to do whatever we love is indeed a wonderful idea.
    Having a list prepared like this one sure helps, get set girl to recharge and enjoy all you love 😛


  4. **Sigh!!** I wish.. I just wish!! Seriously sometimes we are lost in this race to do everything and forget that we too exists! Thanks for this reminder Nu 🙂

  5. Yes, its been long since I took a peaceful siesta !!

    Its been long since I ate my mama’s food.

    Its been long since I rolled lazily on the bed.

    Its been long since I went for a movie with my frnd.

    Its been long since I came first in any blog !!! 😉

  6. 🙂 Hmmm! That should be your resolution list!
    I have been in touch with some of the things fortunately, the latest one being a picnic, complete with the mat, and packed sandwiches, and sitting under the trees 😀
    Oh, and strangers smiling, a bit difficult to catch that in India, but I love that abroad!

  7. Oh I do some of them 🙂
    Alarm – yes
    Bed with a book – yes. Infact, I don’t login from home on most days of late and I am liking it that way 😀
    Movies – Nt a movie person @ all. So I like parks and treks 😀

    But us, ‘me-time’ is sooo important 😀

    1. oh you do have alarm clock ? wow..I need to buy one for myself 🙂

      That’s a nice too will put a sched to the Internet might help 🙂

      Parks-ironically no options here for me 😦 Treks..god..haven’t been on one since long 😦

      I really need to get going on the list !!!

  8. oh yes WE should and WE must .. take out time if not each day maybe once a week or a month to do something that we have not done for ages or have forgotten about it due to some reason or the other…

    1. go to meet a friend without phoning them first
    2. go to the park play cricket the whole day
    3. go to sector 22 , Aroma for a icecream in middle of night with all the friends…

    4. go for a uphill trip without a thought, wake up , see the beautiful weather and go
    5. ride on the bicylce with my grandpa
    6. eat the makki ki roti and sarson da saag sitting on floor , by the side of the CHULHA, with my grandma putting tons of desi ghee or butter

    7. spend sunday afternoon playing cards with mates, arguing over stupid things, cheating, you showed him ur card, you signed him , I am winning, No i had these many point .. ARguing walking out of room

    SO MANY THINGS I wish i wish i wish

  9. Interesting one Nu…I must say though, most has been happening here. Random strangers smile at you. I have planned picnics…or as much as a picnic you can have in the freezing cold. The one thing I haven’t done for more than a month is spend time by myself and just be with my thoughts…. Hope you get to do/observe most of them soon!!! 🙂

    1. yeah I get that…most of it like ‘strangers smiling back’ and all that must be happening in foreign countries..sadly in India there is no custom as such !

      Picnics..I really long for a long quiet and cosy day at some green park with a book 🙂

      Go ahead and do that..spend some ME time and enjaaay 🙂

  10. while i do read a book before i sleep…i do tend to check the comp and play some stupid game and hence delaying my sleep hour.

    Wow…handwritten letters…i dont think i even know what my handwriting looks like in real life.

    Hide and seek…i love…and as an adult…maybe 4 yrs ago i did play “dark room” with some childhood friends of mine…felt wonderful…and malls and movies sound so boring na…wonder why we do it every weekend

    and before this becomes a mini blog – me time and not hurrying around i let myself do…coz i am a procastinating nut!

    1. You played dark room just 4 years back ?? that’s so wow 🙂

      heheh mini post…chalega chalega 🙂

      that toh you’re ..a nut 😉

  11. U made me feel like i missed out on so many thingss…lil things that make u happy 🙂 ..itss been soo long nupss seriouslyy…!!

    Loved ur posts gal 🙂

  12. I miss those days when we used to play out. Now, i play more of online games :(.

    But i still smile at total strangers and sometimes some give me, “Are you crazy” look but sometimes i do get a smile back 🙂

    1. yeah when the games like kabbadi,kho-kho and seven-times were hits 😐

      oh that’s nice…getting a smile back must be so encouraging 🙂

  13. I actually wrote a letter 4 page long to a friend… it was such a welcome change compared to the emails I reel off !!!! and it is a virtual friend I wrote to…

    for the others I couldnt agree more… sigh… thats why I want to shift to the hills in himalayas and retire… !!! 😛

    1. you really wrote a letter ? wow…what’s with you guys…you all are having fun with either or all the things mentioned here…It seems only I’m left behind 😐

      Going to the Himalayas and retire ? for retiring you need not go to the Himalayas..this all can be done here also 😉 imagine Hitchy Maharaj in the Himalayas operating laptop..claiming first on every blog… LOL

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm 😉 😉 ya at you, who else
    I wouldn’t say all is lost… except for that carbon polluted air bit… take a trip to the country..

    I do and see most of them what you have mentioned..
    Make time….
    smile at people they smile back at you, they just can’t help it…

    😀 😀 😀 Now say cheeeeeeeese stranger 😀

  15. Its been long since I wrote a silly and insensitive comment (actually not so long, I just commented in that manner in your WW post) !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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