Wordless Wednesday-21


51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-21

  1. WOW !!! Super picture !!!

    Am falling in love with the clouds !!! 🙂

    Did u take this shot from ur window ??? Its fantastic !!!
    In one angle, it looks like the plane’s shadow on the clouds !!! Lovely. 🙂

    Love ur header too – capuchino ????? Everyone who visits here, gets a cup of capuchino to drink, huh ???? Thanks Nu, you are a darling. 🙂

    1. yes taken from my window seat 🙂

      I too love clouds and would want to live there if possible 🙂

      Header nice hai na ? I know you would like 🙂

      Oh yes whosoever comes here and appreciates the header would get one cuppa cappuccino:)

  2. आधी वाटलं
    कोणी गरुडावर बसून चाललाय,
    पण पंख वेगळे वाटले ….
    मग वाटलं
    समुद्रातल्या ढगांच्या प्रतीबिम्बात
    देव मासा फिरतोय ;
    पण खरं काय ,
    नु ला विमानातल्या आईस्क्रीम पेक्षा
    आभाळातल आईस्क्रीम
    ज्यास्त गोड वाटत होतं…

  3. I’ve seen a pic like this many times, but this one is special ‘coz the plane doesn’t look too bright, giving the entire pic a dreamy quality..no sharp edges, like everything glides.

    good one!

  4. I am actually wordless !! Dont you know that you arent supposed to switch on any electronic gadget during flight ?? Or did you travel in some Iranian flight to not understand what they announced before take off ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. hahaah I was waiting for this one actually ! No one pointed out 🙂

      Iranian… ?? My god…how do you know ? You were on the same one ? Ya 😉

      1. LOL !! I did travel in an Iranian flight (sad story, no mood to tell :P) and there was a person trying hard to click pictures; couldnt see the face though!!! So, we WERE on the same flight !! How coincidental !!! 😀 😀 😀

        and nobody will point that out !! If its a WW, people are busy commenting – nice pic, beautiful pic, etc etc. 😀 😀

        1. you know what ? but you’re right…hehehe nice pic,beautiful,etc etc…but why do people comment that ways…BECAUSE I always post NICE and BEAUTIFUL pics !!!! period !

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