Angel….Part 2

continuing from here

The moment she stepped in she saw an agile figure lying on a cot in front of her..something that really looked helpless and miserable..she went a bit closer and found the figure was none other than the man..the same man she watched every day with pride and admired..and today he was lying there in his bed…looking pale and shut of from life…

Megha stepped forward and said a ‘Hi’ to him..he looked at her with a smile on his face…she for a second was stunned to see a smile on his face after seeing a stranger…he signalled her to sit at his bedside…before Megha could speak anything the man spoke in a very feeble voice..

Man: How are you ?
Megha: *feeling a bit confused* Umm well, I’m fine…I..I just came here to….
Man: I’m ill…and this illness is simple..ageing you know..
Megha: *she thought how casual he was about his life which might come to an end as well*
Man: I knew you would come…
Megha: *Again surprised* well….
Man: I saw you in that school bus…I saw you every day….
Megha: Really ?
Man: Yes my child….there are signals in life that we need to read…and I read that…
Megha: So why I didn’t get any signals ?
Man: May be you couldn’t recognize them as signals and you ignored them…
Megha: Oh…but..I mean…how…
Man: Since you ignored all the other signals God brought you to me like this…this was a signal..that you need to meet me…
Megha: You mean to say that your illness was the purpose ?
Man: Do you believe in destiny?
Megha: Destiny ? I don’t know…
Man: Well, there is something called destiny and it exists…like most people think it does not…There are signals given to us and we need to read them well in time…keep looking for them every where…never challenge those signals and the power of destiny..we are all bound by that…it could be in the form of your intuitions as well..
Megha: *could just not digest all this…thought she made a mistake coming here…rises up* Uhu..well I need to be going right now…you take care and get well soon…*without waiting for him to respond she swiftly moved out of the room*

She kept on thinking on her way to home..what was that all about ? What signals was he talking about ? It all went over her head..she just could not believe herself when she thought what she really had done..gone to a strangers’ house and got a lecture on destiny ? What the hell…she just kept all the thoughts aside and decided not to even think about that man again…just let him be ! End of the topic !

Rest of the week went by and she did not see the man in the park …she was restless but again she reminded herself to not think about him…no,she just didn’t want to ! But something in her heart kept telling her she should go and meet the man again…she should go and talk to him…but brain won over the heart and she kept this thought aside yet again…..


to be continued…..


6 thoughts on “Angel….Part 2

  1. hey, an unexpected turn…! "my child" ???? how old the man was.???I had thought of this a love story… ;)hmm..what would be in the next episode,now I wonder.?

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