Only when you step into….

On a fine evening the wife was very happy and was about to make coffee in the kitchen…the husband was having a nice time too-having come home early that day and the evening that planned ahead was wow..garam garam moong ke bhajiye,corns and hot coffee…to make it perfect was the rains…perfect perfect evening once could ask for,right ?

Oh boy! But whatever you wish for and plan for doesn’t come to your way just like that…isn’t it ? I can see lot of nodding in agreement there…yeah yeah I know you’ ve been there too ! Sigh, so the fine evening turned out to be so-not-very-fine one…oh how ?

No! we didn’t get any visitors at home intruding “our-solace-time”..not even any phone call made that time a boring time where either of the partner is looking here and there..surfing the channels may be..flipping the freshly arrived Femina…and thinking when will the person at other end will disconnect-which neither of the partners could do since it’s your relative or someone whom you can’t say no at that moment !

So nothing of this sorts happened…but what happened was totally unexpected and new for me indeed !

I burnt my own fingers..left hand…by doing a really stupid thing that I could’ve done in my life…since I was making coffee I had boiled some water for that and forgot that it was the same container which had HOT water…and I gripped that container with my bare hands ! Oooooooooooooooooooo my god ! Such a pain it is…for almost an hour I just could not don anything but cry and hold my fingers in the water….my god I’m telling you it’s deadliest pain ever,really !

Oh yes, this was my first time to get burnt with the hot water utensil or any other type…ya now it’s pretty much better…at least it doesn’t hurt..only that my middle finger has this blister which looks bad 😦

Okay the whole episode just made me think of one thing which I dread of…just holding that hot water pot made me make hue and cry for such a long time…what with those who have to suffer the burn on their entire body ? Specially who are burnt on purpose ? How could somebody do this to some living being ? It hurts so much..those of you have a similar experience like mine must know to what I mean by HURT..I know it’s a very very small word for the pain that I’m talking about…

I wish people would think more humanly and stop being monsters to the mankind…I also truly agree with the old adage…’only when you step into others’ shoes is when you know what the shoe bite means’

I wish all those who are suffering and struggling to recover from this pain..a good luck and hug !

I feel sad..there is nothing you can do about it … nothing you can do the rewind..erase the incident..I’m really feeling helpless for those !

46 thoughts on “Only when you step into….

  1. Take care. Wish you recover soon and write more! 🙂

    More than burning, how about people who commit suicide by dousing themselves? What do they think then?

    Is life so yucky that one needs to die a torturous death? Makes me think always. Taking out life, by force or voluntarily is a shameful thing.

  2. Oh take care dear. I knw it hurts, it’s happened to me million times, the careless person that I am. 🙂

    And I know what you mean about burn victims :(. Especially when they are hurt on purpose 😦 Hurts real bad to even think about such incidents 😦

    anyway, you take care, nu. lots of hugs!

  3. awwww hope u applied burnol or soframycin. That is one of the most common accidents that happen in kitchen. hope the pain has subsided by now.

  4. From where to where, amazing flow of thoughts Nu 🙂

    Reminds me of a chem practical class in XII, when a friend held the tripod stand with her 3 fingers instead of the beaker boiling with some acid or water with tongs!!

    Hugs and kisses to your middle finger 😉

  5. Ouch! I know the pain…I’ve done several stupid things to burn myself including touching a hot iron. Go figure. Hope you feel better soon. You know what’s interesting…just about a month ago you did that tag about things done in life…and you had never burnt yourself. Now you can cross that off the list. Me wonders whether you and I jinxed it since I mentioned it! Take care Nu! *Hugs*

    1. PB you won’t believe the moment it happened I remembered your words regarding my tag then..hahaha…

      nothing like jinx and all…just had to happen 🙂

      it’s resonance we can say…we both thought on the same lines 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear about this, Nu. Do take care. And something I just remembered. In case you are developing all those water filled skin eruptions, post the burn, please ensure that the stuff is lightly covered , when , say you drive a two wheeler, or move in a crowd. I had a similar thing happen, 20 years ago to all 5 fingers of my right hand (hot oil, I still have some marks), and I used to work and travel by train then; my doctor had advised me to protect the thing in crowds, and cover the stuff lightly, when outside the home. It is so easy to get infections when the skin is broken. I was also advised an antibiotic as the stuff was a bit deep. So do show it to the doc, and take care.

    If you have an aloe vera plant, the pulp of that also helps….

    Wishing you a fast healing…

    1. that’s so nice of you UK…the blister is not that big and getting better with every day…but yes I do make sure,even at home, that it’s not getting touched which can lead to burst…..

      All 5 finger in hot oil ? My god ! I can’t imagine the pain you must have gone through !

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll take care 🙂

  7. Yes it really hurts! Take care Nu!! I also always wonder at this whenever I burn a finger tip. Once on a beach, miles away from cold ice or even cool water I had spilled hot tea from the flask on my hand and it hurt a lot for a while and I remember thinking how much worse the pain must be for those whose with bigger burns.

  8. Oh ho! Take care dear.

    Su touched a hot tawa just few days bk and did nt even let me know till I saw it sometime later. Sigh! I read this and checked his fingers nw again 😛 😛

    I really can’t even think of how so called ‘humans’ do this to others 😦 😦

    1. oh I just can’t be away from this blog thing right ? 🙂 No but the finger is pretty much better now 🙂 thanks Nivi 🙂

  9. Aiyyo! Hope you’re feeling better Nu 😦 Unfair life is, I know, shocking us with pain when it is least expected!
    I am kinda in the same boat, tripped and fell on my knee while trying to be stylish in my high heels, and scraped it, like when we used to while falling off our cycles? And the pain is abominable! 😦 Argh, unfair life!
    Take care, *hugs*

  10. Oh !!! Nu, thats sad…how is ur hand now ??? Is it the left or right ???

    Kisi ne nazar rakha hai, tumhara DP par !!! 😉 That beautifully nail painted hand is indeed a very attractive thing… 🙂

    BTW, how did u type in the whole post ??? Not hurting ???

    Ok, ok, now take care !!! Has it bubbled up ??? Oh, dear, get well soon. 🙂

    1. I mean ..yeah..I never thought about it…it’s THE left hand in the pic as well !! Hmm… 😉

      I can type since it’s the middle of the middle finger…and the boil is almost gone now 🙂

      well thanks for that suggestion..I’m changing my pic now 😉

  11. I can imagine how much it must have hurt for I once had touched the oven grill by mistake while checking for my roast. Those 250 degrees hurt on my hand (just above till where I had gloves )for a very long time. I still have a scare from that incident.
    Take care dear, it’s good you’ve applied Burnol and it isn’t hurting anymore.
    All the different inhuman crimes that go around the world are unimaginable in every respect 😦 😦
    Get well soon buddy 😛

  12. I’ve felt exactly the same way, Nu. I burnt my fingers too, er..quite similarly !!! The first thing that came to my mind was how burn victims would feel! My fingers dint even have scars but the pain was still very bad 😦

  13. I know the pain. I burn myself a lot. I am pretty clumsy when it comes to cooking. But recently i burnt my fingers so bad that they burn for 4-5 hours, cold water dint do the trick. I put my hand in freezer :P.

    How are you feeling now? I hope that boil is gone.

    1. Yeah cold waters not always a great healer…but 4-5 hours burning sensation ? that’s deadly girl !! How’s it now ?

      The boil is almost gone,thanks !

  14. The first time that happened to you? Really? Wow, then it must really hurt. Take care and go to the doc if it turns ugly.
    (Am I the only absent-minded one here?) :-S

  15. Awww sorry I missed this post. Getting burt with boiling water is horror . My first experience came when I had just began to walk .. my right foot still has the scars.
    take care sweets. be well soon

  16. Ohhh dear hugs to you…I know how it hurts/feel..the burnt part of the body becomes centre of attraction for our brain as well…it must be very horrible pain for the ppl with maximun burns…

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