Angel….Part 3

continuing from here

few days passed by and Megha was still not able to take that stranger out of her mind.Finally she decided to tell everything to her classmate Richa taking a promise that she won’t disclose it to anyone including Megha’s parents.

That afternoon Richa was filled with the details of what has been happening in Megha’s life since few days.As it is Richa was so worried about her…after all she was her best friend and could not see Megha upset. Richa listened to her carefully and decided to help her out. They made a plan to visit the strangers’ house together that evening.

Richa and Megha went to the strangers’ house as decided at school that afternoon. The moment they reached the main gate there were two women talking to each other.

Megha was confused since the last time she had visited there was no one in the house except the old man. Well,she thought,his family must have come to visit him…

They went inside the main gate and said hi to the women standing there. The woman in blue salwar suit appeared to be the owner of the house since she came forward and greeted these girls. She asked them whom they want to see…hesitating for a second Megha said “the old man who lived here”. Startled with what she just heard the woman said there was no old person living in with them here..

Megha and Richa looked at each other with surprise and confirmed with the woman again.The woman this time sounded a bit furious and told the girls that they might have some wrong information….this is not the house which they wanted to visit may be…and gestured them to go.

Richa gestured Megha to tell the woman about her last visit…Megha gathering some courage told the woman about what had happened few days back when she had visited the same house. The woman looked scared and confused both at the same time. The other woman standing there was shocked too. These girls could not understand what was the matter….on asking several times the woman finally answered….

Megha and Richa just ran away from there, without stopping even for a minute,till they reached Megha’s house. They were out of their breaths…shocked and scared they looked at each other. Both of them could not understand how was that possible.


to be continued……


8 thoughts on “Angel….Part 3

  1. When I see stories in parts, I kind of wait for all the parts to come thru. And I thought part 3 was the last. Not Fair. Now I will be on tenterhooks till I read to the end!!!Now I will have to wait till u write the 4th part. Booo Hooooo!

  2. and You did it again.. 🙂 pooora kariye… the story is becoming interesting now.. I did not comment in part 2 that doesnot mean i did not read it 🙂 jaldi jaldi 🙂

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