Angel….Part 4

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Finally cooling down after the long run that they had taken from that ‘old man’s’ house they sat down at Megha’s study table and revisited the whole episode…there has to be something which went wrong…some  direction or clue…something which Megha might be missing on….both the girls discussed the visits again and again but could not find a loophole…everything was perfect and true yet there seemed to be some link missing… Tired of solving the mystery Richa went back home and they decided they’ll discuss at school tomorrow…also that they’ll not talk about it to anyone !

Here in the night after dinner when Megha was alone in her room..she smiled to herself…she knew what was happening…she had realized it the moment that lady told her that there was no old man living in here…but she did not tell Richa..on purpose…she did not have that courage…she feared losing her best friend…so she decided that she’ll tell Richa to forget everything that had happened and move ahead.

But it was not that simple..the other day Richa asked Megha about the same episode and when Megha denied talking about it, the way she had decided to do,Richa felt something is fishy. For the first time she actually suspected Megha in the whole story. Finally after lot of contemplation she decided to go and meet Megha’s mom and talk about what all had happened.

The same evening Richa went to Megha’s home.Luckily,Megha had went to near by grocery store.Richa thought that’s an ideal situation to talk to aunty. She told aunty everything before Megha could step in.She was puzzled to see a very normal look on Megha’s mothers’ face. She probed her and asked as to what does this all mean ?

Megha’s mom explained the matter to Richa….listening to all of which she felt so,so very sorry for her dear friend. She promised herself that she’ll never leave Megha alone and will take care of her whenever she is with her and otherwise. After all,best friends do everything they can for you,right ! Who know someday Megha will see an angel in Richa…!

On losing her grandfather she was deeply hurt.The bruise was so thick that she could not recover from the heart ache for a longer time which actually put stress on her brain cells.She started imagining things.She created stories of her own and believed in them as for real. When in illusion she forgot everything..that she is suffering from this illness…she just believed in what she thought was right at that moment….Doctors had diagnosed her of early Dementia.She was on treatment but it helped very less in terms of stopping her illusions…but her parents were hopeful..that one day she’ll be out of it..she’ll be her own self…one day !

It could be anyone…it can strike anybody in this world…specially who are emotionally weak..they take too much stress and that can destroy the power of differentiating right from wrong…true from false…Megha had become one such case… That’s nothing but destiny…Life can be like that too..not everything is rosy always !


30 thoughts on “Angel….Part 4

  1. loved this story totally, Nu…I was left wanting more after reading each part, and the last part did justice to the story, definitely…keep writing!

  2. Ok, I waited till I finished reading all the episodes.Very well written, so proud of you. Only one suggestion, try not to use too many ellipses,somehow they spoil the flow of the text. ( Only a suggestion, after all it is your prerogative as a writer to do whatever you like.)Best wishes.

  3. WOWO.. finally.. awesome atory and the Message that you have come out with is totally true.. No life is not rosy always you have ur ups and downs and as you say strong wade through but some get lost somewhere… Richa is a good friend and god help her in helping megha… we all need friends like that and I hope i am a friend like that to someone … A beautiful story indeed .. thanks for sharing it with us (ME) ..

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  5. I was so sure after reading the 3rd part that this story is going to be about paranormal stuff. . . But with a different twist at the end, u made the story enjoyable. . . Loved it totally . . Ps – happy independence day

  6. Loved the story. . At the end of 3rd part i was so sure that its going to be a story with paranormal touch. . I'm glad it didn't turnout like that at the end

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