65 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-22

      1. Oh, so you were the one who stole them from me, huh? You had left only a ‘Nu’ as a clue behind and I was trying hard to decipher that code !! Hmmmpphhh !!! But now that you have used them, request you to NEVER return them to me !!! 😀 😀

              1. ya, 3 year old amateur !! 😀 😀 My latest post was my 3rd year anniversary post; wanted it to be grand and thats why so much of effort went behind it! (Oh look, I am marketing my blog again!! :D)

                1. marketing your blog again ? Sorry ? You always do that 😉

                  3 years only ? Ohh…me 3 months ahead of you 😉 so senior you see ! Look at the third button of your shirt ! hahahahah

      1. Are these boots made for walking???!!?? 😀 😉

        Naah re, I don’t need any gifts. Your presence, your blessings, your friendship and your love are the biggest gift for Chica!!! 🙂

        Luv ya! Mu’ahhh…

  1. mera joota hai japani , yeh patloon englishtaani , sir pe laal topi roosi fir bhi

    reminded me of this song dont know why..

    oh you shud see the DESI JUTTIS in punjab they are so colourful, hand made and wowo the khosas etc ..

    these one look like ladies high heels 🙂

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