I like the change…

…which right now just may be in the terminology only and faintly in the attitude of the people..but I’m hopeful that the perspective will change….

From ‘mentally retarded‘ to ‘physically disabled‘ to ‘physically challenged‘ to now ‘Differently Abled

This is what appeared in yesterday’s Times Crest:

The article is a must read with an open mind

32 thoughts on “I like the change…

  1. Interesting. I have always hated “mentally retarded” Mental retardation is still the official term in the DSM-IV-TR but most psychologists here use ‘intellectual disability’ when we diagnose individuals with IQ and adaptive functioning below 70.

    1. hmm..quiet technical info here..thanks for that 🙂 though I had typed something else too in my previous comment which ironically didn’t get publish here 😦

      not me but my blog seems to be naughty with your comments 😉

  2. More than anyone else the parents of these kids must be smiling and rejoicing. It takes people a lot to understand the simple fact that this can happen with anyone, and the least one can do is not being sympathetic, but dignified and informed about them.

    Such a simple change, but hope it goes a long way in changing people’s attitude too. I’ve heard ‘special kid’ too and I like it 🙂

    1. this reminds me of the movie Auro..how she was questioned by a female in the park out there about what has happened to her son and the way she confronts the lady is commendable 🙂

      1. Oh yes…the lady leaves all confused and speechless…its easy to call names…but the way Vidya Balan handles that situation is great…almost makes it sound like he’s specially chosen for what he is (and I think they are too, isn’t it?)!

  3. Changes are happening and its nice. Such things that demotivate and lower self-confidence must be wiped out.

    Just like the way teachers have been asked not to use RED INK to mark mistakes in school!! Wonderful

  4. well at least someone is doing something good … kudos to TOI.. and well done to the people involved we need tons of such people to make the world a better place 🙂

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