Graphical Method

Liked this video and honestly never knew this Chinese method of’s nice for even kids to learn to multiply..ain’t it ? Check yourselves here

Oh did you know this earlier ? Lo ! So it’s only me 😐

30 thoughts on “Graphical Method

  1. Good one !!! and I took it up as a challenge to do some mathematics with it 😀 😀 😀
    I was about to do with a few digits, but my wife gave me 431*965 !!!! 😀 its tough I tell you, and time consuming. I guess it works well when the digits are less in number; drawing 9 lines and then 6 and then 5…phew !!!

  2. Hey, thats interesting…but as Vimmuuu has said, it was tedious to do with big numbers… 🙂 But still fun… 🙂 Am going to teach my girls this… 😉 Hope they dont tell me – Mom, we already knew this… 😉

      1. It actually happened Nu…the elder one was too eager to learn it and try it out with diff numbers…I was very happy that I taught her a good thing.

        The younger one, burst the bubble, by saying – “Oh, I know it already. I learnt it 2 years ago.” Now…I am like… 🙄 🙄

  3. Awesome and fun. Didnt know this. But seems cumbersome..As the numbers and more and counting dots becomes tedious.

    Nevertheless, enough to lure kids!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s a good and interesting method but gets cumbersome when numbers become larger. Oh and I like your blog’s new and pristine look. So refreshing! 🙂

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