Wordless Wednesday-24


58 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-24

  1. Love it – the colors and the freedom to fly, yet tied to the world by a thin rope… 🙂

    Whenever I see a balloon, I am reminded of DCH – how Saif will laugh at the guy who buys one heart shaped red balloon for that girl, at the signal…lol…

  2. हिरवाई तीच , तृण हि तेच ,
    त्यातून घुमणारा वारा हि तोच ;
    पण आजकालच्या जगांत तारे इतके झालेत
    कि प्रत्येकाला वेगळा चंद्र लागतो …
    कधी अवखळ गुलाबी ,
    कधी लहानपणचा चकचकीत पिवळा ,
    कधी शिस्तीत रागावलेला ज्वलंत नारिंगी,
    कधी तरी
    म्हातारपणी संथ वाहणार्या
    आयुष्याच्या निळ्या पाण्यासारखा …..
    हिरवाई तील एक झाड
    फांद्या झटकून वर बघतं
    आणि म्हणत ,
    “मला पण खेळायला कोणीतरी हवं,
    मी या चंद्रांना फेसबुक वर
    फ्रेंड रिक्वेस्ट पाठवू का काय ?….”

        1. Oh O !! translation would be a difficult task and it will lose the essence of the poem..but I’ll try ask Suranga to do it,let’s see 🙂

          1. The same greenery
            the same blades
            of grass
            And the same wind
            breezing through….
            But in today’s world,
            there is
            such a surfeit
            of stars,
            all hankering
            after their own moon…
            A bashful coy pink,
            a shiny childhood yellow;
            then sometimes,
            an angry older orange,
            and sometimes,
            a cool blue
            to match your
            calm, older,
            slowly flowing life…
            But somewhere,
            a flighty green tree,
            thrusts and
            brushes down
            its branches,
            looks up,
            and says,
            “I think
            I want to play too;
            You think
            I can send
            a friend request
            to one of the moons on facebook ?”

              1. Great! It’s like a critique of changing trends and values of life. Thank you so much Nu and Suranga for the translation 🙂

  3. Colorful. Very nice. The lights are not sufficient I believe. Else the colors would have been vibrant. Oops this is just photography technicality. Pardon me.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. you’re spot on Inni 🙂 it has been taken by mobile and around 6ish in the eve..so that’s why..tried to make it look okay in Picasa though

    1. well nice question..I haven’t any either..but I guess balloons signify cheerfulness and freedom where as black usually stands for darkness…may be that’s why 🙂

  4. Balloooons rang birange yayyyyy
    I must tell you this reminded me of things we use to do.. in fairs and all we would get some Pins.. bend them in the middle and then get 2 or 3 rubbber bands tie them together, then each corner between the thumb and a finger .. it becomes a catapult.. now put the bent pin .. stretch and Let it go .. it went like a rocket 🙂

    now imagine someone jsut bought a 10rs ka badaaaa sa ballon and u just quietly send the pin shooting .. phataaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk it burst and the look on the faces .. that time it was hilarious now it seems hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    we were BAD..

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