Sad yet True

That we fail to see beyond the obvious


To give-up even before trying


20 thoughts on “Sad yet True

  1. Ada, namba tamil nadu…. (arre, our TN !! ) was the thought that stuck me…started watching with great interest.

    Then the truth which hit me were :
    1. Just because we are charitable, we cannot expect everyone around us to be so…their problems will be understood, only if stand in their shoes.

    2. While one differently abled (thanks to your post) person wants to beg and earn a living, the auto driver claims a top spot in our heart, for his hard word, even though being differently abled.

    Thanks for the video. 🙂

  2. Wow !! nice one; but you made it predictable with your introduction 😀 😀 The best part of the video is they dont show the passenger regretting for his words !

  3. Wow indeed this is the right message a few years ago it was said ignorance is a bliss but not anymore ignorance leads us to do a lot of silly things. The message in the video awesome we should try to help urself against all odds hats off to the auto driver. And good luck to him

  4. Its a nice initiative. Thats what I think all the time when I see people begging. They can earn themselves even with physical disability; but many choose to live by pitying themselves and expect others to pity as well; which is cowardliness. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful lesson in looking beyond what we see…. Sometimes our ‘disability’ to truly empathize with the disabled is worse than their disability …..And they certainly don’t need our pity.

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