Goose Bumps and Hope

There are few things which give us goose bumps even by the mention of it..we can may be list several of these immediately..the one which remains close to my heart and is sure to make me feel sentimental is this one…

The flow of emotions that are carried in the body while listening to the anthem are inexpressible..this also happened and till date happens when I see the movie rang de basanti. The very essence of the movie is what are we contributing to the nation ? Leave alone nation..let’s ask ourselves what are we contributing to our society… ??

All these and many more questions pop up in my mind when a 26/11 takes place or certain someone talks about India..our country and the great leaders that we had…but honestly when I actually get to the bottom of these questions I really don’t know how do I contribute to my society ? To my nation ? What’s the method ? What’s the way ? Whom to contact for that ?

Do you know ?

And only knowing these answers and doing something about it makes you the ultimate patriotic ? I say that even if I don’t know the answers I know that  I love my nation and I’m pretty proud of being and Indian ! Yes that’s the bottom line !!

But I hope..I hope that some day I’ll also contribute to my nation..will do something good for the society..I hope that my country will be a great place to live-which it is even today but with little bit of bumpers-I hope things will go fine and that we will give our next generation a new tomorrow…

And believing in this hope I wish you a very



18 thoughts on “Goose Bumps and Hope

  1. LOVVE the video. Goosebumps! Really! 🙂
    And happy Independence day to you too…
    You stay in India right? Then you’re doing your bit. Trust me!
    Also just serve a small cause in whatever way you can.
    Charity by time, money. Or even plant a tree. Even your blog’s helping! In the long run, a huge difference is made! 🙂

  2. Ahhh..this comment moderation. Why do u have it?? 😦
    Anyway its 64th Independence day and we have completed 63 yrs of Independence. Independence day post one day in advance?
    Happy Independence Day!! (in advance)

  3. you are doing your bit – maybe do not litter, by not giving or taking bribe, by maintaining cleanliness and such..we can contribute more by saving electricity, gas, petrol and such. voting sensibly, spread awareness about importance of voting, protecting environment – so many things..if each one of us does one’s bit, then the society as a whole will be benefited

  4. I agree with each word u have written Nu. So much disappointed are, that we cannot do a thing And yet our hopes are up high, hopefully somehting in future…Happy Independence Day..:

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