I’m not against any religion…trust me ! But I’m surely against the show off made by the people in it…If you follow someone/something okay..keep it to yourself..or even if you want to let people know do it in a right manner…that’s all I’m saying !

I also pray to God, may be ten times a day,in my heart. I lit the diya in front of the God’s idol twice a day…I recite ‘Shubham Karoti’ and ‘Ramraksha’ in the evening sitting in our ‘devghar’ [where Gods are kept in the house] but I don’t put myself on the loudspeaker for everyone to know about my shraddha and bhakti towards the almighty !

Also,I don’t start my loudspeaker at 4 am,which is middle of the night for most of neighbourhood,even if that is the time I’ve to pray or people in our religion have to pray !

So,this is for them who do all these…I’m really really fed up of the wake-up sounds [screams actually] and loudspeaker that goes shouting every few hours a day… Today it’s me who is saying I don’t like this way of prayers…but think about it…it could be an infant in the house where your loudspeaker creaks…an old lady who is ill and wants some peaceful sleep right at the moment when your shrieking voice pitches in… there would be some important phone-call going on when the loudspeaker spitting your prayers would interrupt the message conveyed….so much and more…

Okay I’m still not against the way you do your prayers…I’m just concerned about the volume of the loudspeaker…now I guess that is manageable ? Is it not ?

Have some mercy on the neighbourhood ! After all no God says that shout out loud if you want to pray for me !


30 thoughts on “Loudspeaker…

  1. Its not just the loudspeakers, even those long processions that makes the traffic go haywire, people queuing up here and there blocking pedestrian walk, all in the name of GOD; too much of exhibitionism in the name of religion !!! we are so disorganized and inconsiderate when it comes to religion, I wonder why !

  2. Agree completely! Few years ago, we had the ‘pleasure’ of having a temple bang opposite our building. And you can imagine our plight when there was this Ramayan Path or some really long poojas (The temple was renovated and every few days a new wing was inaugurated, so the mandatory pujas with that and regular aartis too, all was done on loudspeaker at all hours), it was a pain! (Pls forgive me lord!)

  3. I know what you are talking about. I am not against people have jag ratris and doing pooja the whole night or people doing bhajjans. But I want them not to be loud. It hurts my ears and i feel no bhakti towards god when such pooja’s go on… infact i end up cursing people. The worst thing is you are studying for exam when they put on loud bhajjans.

  4. Esp. when it comes to infants and older people or more appr. some patients, I think this applies to crackers also 😀 Not only during Diwali, but this happens with celebrations @ so many homes. And rallies and marriage processions and parties too 😀

  5. now tell me wats the use of high volumes in temples or anywhere..if the rest of the people are getting annoyed or are disturbed…i say Yes to ur points stated coz its very irriatble act…and still i think people are typical hypocrite…they pray with full dhindora and later they do all the ill work silently……..more irritable behaviour……

  6. Very rightly said Nu. These people are more given to flaunting and showing-off than real prayers to God. They are so inconsiderate and stupid that they cannot see the utter inconvenience their acts cause to common man.

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