The learning TAG is not a video tag but see the coincidence..the moment I was done readingCelestial Rays’ tag I was watching this video on learning…so I thought this would be the apt post to share this video with all of you… so take out some 2 minutes and 56 seconds and do watch this video 🙂 Hey and read my tag too 😉

The ten things ‘I wish to learn’ in near future or at least sometime in my life are these…okay the list is going to be more of ‘I wish to do in my life’ than learning types…thoda deviation chalega na Divi..please ?

  1. Interior Designing: I love doing that and I guess I’ve some knack of designing the interiors [sacchi mucchi] but want a professional knowledge touch to my existing imaginations :)..yes yes I’m open to take bookings to do your home too….come in queue please !!!
  2. Guitar: I don’t know when I’m going to do this..I mean this has been on my wish list since I don’t remember when…and not that I didn’t get time or never had the money to afford the class…but somehow it never materialised and it always took a back seat..of course my fault 😐 but I still yearn to learn playing guitar !!!! And one day I’ll do that 🙂 hum honge kamyab 😉
  3. Salsa: Not any form of dancing but Salsa.I already know Bharatnattyam and want to move on the western form..only thing stopping me is my dearest husband…oh no..not that he tells me not to take the classes…the problem lies with me…I want to learn the form only with my husband touching me here and there…you know how it is with Salsa…and the husband is reluctant on learning any..ANY dance !!! Sigh !! but main haar nahi manne wali..I’m constantly trying to wake up the man in him… 😉 telling him what if I take up classes with some other man…and stuff..hahaha..emotional atyachar 😉
  4. French: Okay now don’t think that I’m copying Divi’s list to complete mine…sheesh..why would I do that :D…learning French is just about to begin…yeah yeah..given that the classes have started in our locality recently and the teacher is known to be a very good French speaker and teacher as well :D..I also hope the teacher looks good too 😉
  5. Chess: Yes ! I don’t know how to play the game yet..despite of having chess champions at home aka my father and bro and hubby ! peer pressure !
  6. Good Mommy:I want to be a good mommy to my kids..Well what ‘good’ really means is I can’t pin point since I’m not a mother yet but I keep observing other mothers doing some things right and some things wrong to their kids..I always tell myself that I will not do this or that…the list is ever I just wish that I remember all that when it is actually required…ummm you know someone like Comfy :)..yes comfy dearest you’re a great mother a kid of this generation could wish for 🙂
  7. Acting:Aha ! Now this ones really my fav wish…Acting as in not that daily basis acting..the drama queen types.. 😉 acting as in some real time stage performance…I have been doing some stage dramas since 10 years now..not a regular and phamus ones but on and off..hey but you can still ask for my autographs..I’ll be glad to sign your palms and wherevers :P…Till now have acted in Marathi plays only. Would love to continue that..but not now..may be sometime later in life…but I will get back to stage shows….meri dili tammana hai !
  8. Being Practical:Okay to some of you this might not count as a skill but for me it is an essential skill that I must learn. I’ve to learn to be practical in life…I’m VERY VERY emotional and people really take advantage of this..I’ve been stabbed-back and my so-called-dearest-friends ! Aaah…it still hurts ! Kaun sikhayega mujhe ye ?? DiDo,since she knows almost everything that we mention ?? Or any of you girls out there ???? Come on help me !
  9. Consistency: In anything that I do related to me ! Aah..tough to explain but I hope you’ll get the hang of it..for example: Exercising… I know I don’t have to explain further ! Oh you too nodding to this ? Come join the ‘inconsistency club’ !
  10. Paint: Now that I know how to sketch I want to move on to painting..the canvas painting that is…I would love to go to the open lands and draw a scenery or two…great na ? okay I’ll sign one of my painting and send it to you on your b’day…courier charges on you,okay ? 😉

Oh since it was a mix of wishes and learning things I was about to write 11 and 12 too..but forget it…why make it a long post beyond your reading capacity 😉 Areh Areh..I meant you’ve to read so many other tags too so why burden you with more points ?? Ek to bhala socho upar se yeh bad looks ! Hmmpf !

Any way now I tag these 6 peeps : [I know exceeding here too…kya kare..exceed karne ki habit hai jee]

G,Neha Silam,Shilpa Garg,Vimmu,UmaS and Insignia !

P.S. Divi I hope I did justice to your expectations of doing this tag 😀


39 thoughts on “The learning TAG

  1. Bharatanatyam – WOW !!! Nu, do u have any pics of u in that traditional dress ??? Have u done arangetram ???? 🙂

    Come on baby, go and do emotional atyachaar on him and make him join the salsa…am enjoying every bit of this point. 😉

    Those 4 and 5 are my wish too… 🙂

    Ok, will get to this tag soon…sounds good. 🙂 But ek hafte ke baad. 😉 Am going for a wedding. 🙂

    1. ironically haven’t completed ‘arangetram’ 😐

      hehe i’m full on doing Emotional atyacharr on him 🙂 thanks for the encouragement !

      so this means you’ll be away for a weeks time ? 😐

  2. it may sound strange to you, and maybe unbelievable too, but in almost 28 years of my life, I have achieved most of the things I ever needed to..and already working towards a couple of my list will be very boring and geeky one even if i write one 😉

    your post is so damn wanna do all interesting thing in life!!!

    will take this up soon..thanks for the tag 🙂

    1. I’m not surprised to know that you’ve done what you always wanted to do in 28 years…because I know how determined you’re 🙂

      So whatever it is..bring on the list 🙂

  3. Yayyy Scribby 😀
    loved your list!
    thankuuu 🙂

    Acting?!?! You are already an actor?!?! Awesome man!!! When can I see your perforformance?
    oye cool it down..not an actor as such but yes have performed in some plays..oh does that make me an actor ? wow 🙂

    Good mother- I am sure you’ll be one. You’ll be the fun mother that your kids’ friends will share their secrets with me thinks 😀
    I so wish !!!

    being practical- life’s gonna teach you that… Or the hubb. 😀
    Life has failed to teach me till now 😐

    finally something I know but don’t know how I can teach you- consistency
    but can tell me can I get it ? 😛

    Others you learn fast fast and teach me as well 😛

    see, like I said on my post, you are one who does complete justice to tags, and am glad you liked doing this one 😀
    *hush,thinks to herself…thank god performed as Divz expected :)*

  4. A very intersting Learning Wish List!!
    Bharatnatyam… impressive!! So you must use the salesman’s 3 C’s (Convince, Confuse and Corrupt) on your hubby for Salsa!! All the very best!! 😀

    Good Mommy you will be… coz first the realization has to be there and since that’s there, the rest will come easily to you!!
    All the best for your wish list and happy learning. 🙂
    Thanks for tagging! Will take it up sooon! 🙂

  5. Yeah Jindagi roz sachi muchi humaari class leti hei.. 😐

    He is not listening to you..??..why not.. Sign up for the money..he will have no chance then to not go learn Salsa with you 😉

    I am sure you are going to be amazing mother Nu. No question about that.. And extra bonus..all kids think their Mom is the best 😀 😀

    Waah waah acting in plays..that is awesome.

    Painting me too.. that is on my list for sure 🙂

  6. she knows almost everything that we mention ??

    😦 not everything… just a few of them …. i dont to be a good mommyy :O … interiro designing… I dont knw any of these :((

  7. Woww!! I liked the ‘wishes’ Scibby!!
    Seems to be a good learner 😉 French, Acting, Paint, Good Mommy…
    Upss! varieties! 😀

    I liked this Tag. I hope I would do it if I am tagged. 🙂

  8. An awesome list and you’ve done it so well. I like your chatty style of writing. Feels so lively and friendly. Don’t forget to send me a painting on my birthday, with your autograph 😀

  9. wowo nice points now when you learn all that can you please forward all that knowledge to me tooo.. I got a few of thise on my wish list too… Guitar and Salsa .. though I am so fat i can hardly move but can try it for sure 🙂

    Chess i love and I will not boast but i am good in it 🙂 he hehehehe

    nice points

    1. you know chess ? Everyone around me knows chess 😐

      Learn’ll know a dance form and reduce too 🙂 Ek teer se do nishan 😉

  10. I have the same non cooperation movement problem with dance…so much so that i decided it’s actually better to kick it off my list…better then whining and bribing and fighting!

    Practical classes – open 7 days a week…Monday to Sunday…no funday…and no guarantees!

    and Mommy classes we get all the time na,…with all the mommies in blogosphere…So u are pre-qualified for the good mommy bit

  11. I am stealing the good mommy idea from you 🙂 Havent watched the video yet (shhh…at work now). Will be back soon to watch it.

    Same here for salsa/or any other dance…Common husbands…

    1. Oh baking course? Why but?? We have so many awesome bloggers friends who bake awesome stuff at home…just ting tong someone and you’ll get the recipe and instructions to bake well at home,trust me, I’ve been doing the same since couple of months now and the bakes are turning out really well 🙂 of the important wish in my life 🙂

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