Day before yesterday an old man-most probably in his sixties-came to our home searching for some kind of gardening work. Since we are already in search of a gardener-thanks to our old one who just went away without any notice and took away one of our huge water storing utensils which used to lay in the backyard-we thought okay let him do the cleaning of the grass and some planting here and there in the backyard and the outer garden. The cost and all was being fixed by the MIL and I was just a silent spectator from the kitchen.

While he was working I looked at him curiously and noticed that he was wearing nice decent clothes-crisp white and also carrying a neat umbrella.I also noticed that he is getting tired by doing the work he was doing-I got a feeling as if he is not used to it or may be the age… I started wondering:

  • Was it our fault to give him the work which was-may be-out of his physical capacity ?
  • Or is it not nice to know the a man is working and earning money rather just sitting an begging somewhere?
  • As from his clothes he looked from a decent family if not totally rich.So what made him come in search of work like this ? Who or what was responsible?
  • After finishing the work-which he did neatly and as expected-Hubby gave him the fixed amount. I felt should we not have given a little extra on top of that or it would have insulted him in some way or the other-given that he believed in earning the money and not asking for it?

It left me wondering…was it good or bad or both to have an old man work in your garden like this ? What life he must have at home or wherever he lives ? Does he have any family members ? May be a wife .. something made me just a little sad about the whole episode 😐 though I felt proud that he didn’t beg for money !


32 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. It is a good thing to see that he hasn’t taken the easy way out and begged for money but instead is willing to work for it. But yeah, I can understand feeling a bit sad that an elderly man has to do hard labour which he may be unaccustomed to. It’s possible he would have felt offended had you given him more money…there’s never any right or wrong here, is there? Or if there is, it’s hard to know!

  2. Hmm u r rt. It’s a nice thing he is ‘earning’ a living instead of taking to easy shortcuts. But, difficult for us to see such an old man working hard too 😦

  3. Indeed a thought provoking situation. A delicate issue that doesn’t seem to have a definite right or wrong choices. No-matter how wealthy or educated his background was, but he definitely proved be very hard-working and determined to earn his living through honest labor 😀 😀

    I too would have felt the same as you did had I been in your shoes.
    Sometimes life can be very cruel and tough 😦

  4. i hate moments like this…when u come face to face with examples of old people and children who might have problems with regards to finance. 😦

    Money is such a terrible requirement na?

  5. Sigh. I feel sad reading this post 😦 It’s not easy to tell in these situations, Nu. As you say, we can only feel proud that he didn’t take the easy way out and beg. Good for him!

  6. Well, I would agree with PB when she says that he chose to work rather than beg for a living, which is good. Maybe he needs to do something so that he remains active and that is why he opted to get this task of gardening. Being with plants and flowers always brings joy and perhaps your family has given him a chance for that.

    Joy always,

  7. I kind of feel for the old man, but I also kind of think its nice of him to work for a living… but, its sad that he hasn’t anyone to take care of him.
    But, independence is a good thing – financially and emotionally.
    As long as he isn’t sick or a thief – its ok…

    Just be careful though – I could be wrong (I hope so!), but, its better to keep an eye since there are all sorts of people out there and if MIL is alone at home – please ask her to take care.

    1. that’s so nice of you to think about the MIL..I’ll make sure about the safety…though I’m also at home with her all the time 🙂

  8. I think it is awesome, when people are self dependent at any age. And giving him what you decided is a way of respecting his labour I think, lots of people take offence at being sympathised with 🙂

  9. Since we don’t know what the exact situation is we can only speculate. I am glad he went about things in a dignified way if he is indeed in need of money. And that you let him keep his dignity by not offending him..again not sure if he would be upset by it or not.. Too many things to speculate about.

  10. Even though he was decently dressed and all…his need for some money was met through hard work.

    As u said, we dont know whats his background. I am glad he sought to work, instead of borrowing from someone.

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