Wordless Wednesday-29


51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-29

    1. Vimmu,teacher ne nahi sikhaya school mein that rains wet the road ??

      And if I have to think like you,then:

      People in auto:Max 5
      Wetting capacity of 5 people: Not an entire road,I’m sure 😀

      1. @ Uma : Jab tak rahega samosey mein alooo, tab tak I will comment !! why dont you stop posting WWs ?? 😀 😀 😀

        @ Scribbler : 5 people with a bladder problem can do it; Iam sure ! 😀 😀

        1. Now whats the connection between aloo and commenting ???? 🙄 You are totally deprived of food, I tell you…imagining abt samosa, while commenting…. LOL…. 😉

  1. Just love to drive thru on that road – WOW !!! Nu, do u remember the Ad for Maruti Alto (I think), where the hubby asks for chai and the wife says lets go !!! They really drive thru to the tea estate or something and drink chai there, where it is raining and all…such a sweet ad and I love it, esp the rain, the drive, the chai and the lovely bonding between the couple. This pic, reminded me of that…. 🙂

    1. Boondon mein jaane kya alag hai. – Shubha mudgal’s voice 🙂
      Check the ad here:

      Thanks Uma, you reminded me of this song I used to so love.

  2. सरळ,
    नाका समोर बघत चालणारे
    दर्शनी खूप आदर्श असतात .
    पण ह्या घडण्यामागे
    कुणा एकाचे वाकडे आयुष्य,
    भरकटलेले मन,
    लागलेले चटके,
    आणि माफ करून शिस्त लावणारी आई असते .
    ह्या सरळ रेघेतल्या
    रस्त्या मागे
    कुणा गुणी शेतकर्याची जमीन
    एखादी बुजवलेली विहीर
    एखाद्या दलालाने आपला वाटा
    बळकाउन उरलेले दिलेले पैसे
    आणि म्हणूनच पावसाचे पाणी
    जमिनीत शिरून नवे कोंब फुटात नाहीत
    नवी पालवी दिसत नाही
    वेगात आलेली रिक्षा
    न थांबता
    बेदरकार पणे दूर गेली
    तरी रस्ता असाच
    ओला चेहरा दाखवत
    रडत राहतो …

          1. Nu doesnt write…she only scribbles…if her scribbles are so profound, just imagine it when she writes…

            I had to break my head for that explanation, Suranga… 😉 😉 😉

  3. This one wants me to get up , take a flight , reach india and drive for 5 hours and then turn left from the national highway, between the two Rajasthan feeders .. and then the 4th bridge turn right.. and mile and half hmmmmmmmm Thats the VIEW… if its drizzling…


    are those Kikkar Trees

  4. There is something about the rain soaked roads . Loved the picture and Suranga’s poem added some more charm to it . I will doing a post on the Roads soon . Do read 🙂

    Khup sunder

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