Wordless Wednesday-30


47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-30

    1. And I am not talking to u .. u have become partial with your blog visits.. gooooo 😯 *crosses her hands in front of her chest and taps her feet as she looks away – flicks a stray hair from her forehead too* 😦

  1. दिव्यांच्या लखलखाटात
    सजवलेल्या तांबड्या गालिच्यावर
    लाल भिंतीसमोर
    सोनेरी प्रकाशात
    तो व ती ,
    तो सफेद शेर्वानीत
    ती सफेद लाल बुट्टे वाल्या शालूत..
    गुरुजी रागावले
    आणि चक्क डोक्याला
    काळी छडी लागली ;
    “काय हि आज काल ची मुलं,
    दोघात मिळून
    एकच कॉफीची
    धारा – मुंडावळी ?”

    1. I was waiting for this…so much so that I started guessing what would be the plot today 🙂

      And like always you surprised me by giving it a different perspective 🙂 Lovely !!

  2. As the first comment a few pleasure of reaching the office early and being first… Yummmy .. THe lady here is so good the cleaner she comes and put the coffee machine on before she leaves office… for the likes of me who live on caffeine 🙂

    a nice pic 🙂 mmmmmmm

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