SEP 2010

Since I was a kid I always liked the festive season which usually starts from this time of the year with the arrival of Ganpati Bappa.

There was one more happiness attached to this time of the year and that was- ‘my b’day falling in coincidence with HIS arrival….though the exact date never matches but just knowing that I get to celebrate ‘my’ day in between this season is a sheer bliss 🙂

So, September 2010-Two special events on :

It’s nice to see that even after so many years there are people who still remember and care to call/write to wish you happiness on this day. I always appreciate people who remember dates very well-because I’ve known lot of them who really suck at remembering dates 😮 even remembering their own b’dates sometimes 😆

A special special mention:The husband took leave and was at my service the entire day right from the bed tea 😉 and the day went away with gifts,flowers and cash :mrgreen: coming my way !!! Lot of people called/smsed/emailed.

Thanks to Titaxy,Comfy,Sags and the entire blogger’s meet Gang for sending their love my way 🙂 A special thanks to UK for sending in her wishes in such a lovely manner…check it out for yourselves…I feel blessed to have these lovely people around me in my life… 😛

चि. सौ . नु हीस …..
चाफ्याचा सुवास,गुलाबाचे रंग
जाईजुई चा गजरा,मोदकाचा घास
पैठणीचा   पदर,कोईरीत हळद कुंकू
ओटीत खूप खूप आनंद,सुख
आयुष्यात उत्तम  भरभराट …
वाढदिवसाच्या खूपखूप शुभेच्छा  व अनेक आशीर्वाद …    ……

But with all this fun happening our Ganpati exited too,which is a sad part 😥

I know it’s like every year that HE will come in and stay with us for 5 days and go with spreading lot of cheer and blessings,but every year I fail to stop myself from crying…Just can’t bear the moment when Ganpati Bappa is leaving us-though it’s just the idol that goes and HE resides in our hearts-I know…but then ‘Yeh Dil Hai Ke Manta Hi Nahi’ !!

Posting a picture of Ganpati Bappa that we had this year.This baithak is called as ‘Siddhivinayak Baithak’

I wish everyone a very happy festive season.May God fulfil your wishes !!

47 thoughts on “SEP 2010

  1. Hey, Nu…Belated Happy Bday !!! 🙂 Lots of hugs to you….and special wishes for more wonderful moments of happiness, love, joy, peace, health and prosperity !!!! 🙂 🙂

    Sorry Nu, just missed wishing you on your bday…see, I miss your FB account… 😉 😉

    Of course, seeing Ganpati go away on Visarjan is indeed a sad thing and gives us hoping for the next year celebrations. 🙂

    1. No hugs to her Uma.. esp after u saw the dubeity with which i spent the entire day!!!! My poor heart fluttered all day… n she didnt even reply.. imagine if I had a heart attack n lost all my hair out of tension that i might have missed her bday…. Imagine the turmoil Uma…. I am lucky to have survived and she gets the hugs? 😦

    2. that’s true-gives us hope to look forward to next years fun and celebrations 🙂

      Oye why do you guys depend so much on FB account ?? Unfair…start remembering b’dates 😀

      But thanks anyway for such lovely wishes now 🙂

      1. True Nu…we shldnt depend on FB updates….I shld start remembering them personally.

        Since I met you all virtually, I was dependent on FB….didnt think that you’ll remove ur a/c one fine day…didnt think of writing down ur bday !!! 😛

    1. Yeah, Nu…I was wondering why Sags didnt do a post for you… 😉 😉

      Ok, DQ…now all done…you wished right and you didnt get heart attack….LOL !!! 🙂

  2. UK’s poem is lovely!! I’m sure H must’ve pampered you silly! 🙂

    It is this love from everyone that sure makes the day special, right? I’m sure you had the best time!! 😀 😀
    I remember one year Ganesh Chaturthi had fallen on my birthday and I couldn’t help smiling away whenever people mentioned the date. It made my birthday even more fun and complete 🙂

    1. Oh yes talk about H’s pampering 😉

      I indeed had a great time 🙂

      Hai na ? I’m sure you know the feeling when Ganesh Chaturthi or any of those days coincide with your b’day 😀

  3. Happy belated Birthday … and yes festive season Hope you haveing lots of fun

    and the poem by your friend beautiful, though my hindi is not very good But even i caould read and understand it awesome…

    Many happy returns of the day …

    A few years back my birthday fell on the same day as Diwali It was AWESOMeeee.. 🙂

    1. Oh the blogger’s meet was in July …that time we didn’t know much about each other 😐 But next time I’m in Mumbai [which is most likely :)] we sure gonna meet,okay ?

      Thanks a tonne for the wishes sweetie 🙂

      Ahh Ganesh Jee is wonderful 🙂 Liked your description of his expressions 😉

  4. Wish u the best in life and that u always carry this positive spirit in you 🙂
    Hugs and have a nice time 😀
    What is the date btw 😛 😛 Hw did u blame me that I dint remember 😉 I can only remember what I know na 😉

  5. Aww m so sorry have been sp caught up wih work.. Belated Happy Bday Nu..may god shower you with his special blessings…Wish you and your family a lovely festive season..yeah I would like to add to Swar’s question.when is the birthday ?? Hugs

  6. Belated wishes for your birthday! So you had somebody at your service for the whole day 🙂 Now that is what I call a birthday 🙂

    And happy festive season to you too 🙂 Hope you had a great time!

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