Protection Abilities

This is for all you girls there…

I was watching some movie the other day on NDTV Imagine.In between the commercial breaks there was this promo being aired of an upcoming serial starting on the channel called ‘Gunaho Ka Devta‘.

The above video shows the television promo. If you’re able to see the video or even checked it on the television there is this punch line of the serial- woh pyar hi kya jo aap ki hifajat na kar sake.

Okay agreed to this one ! What about the Radio promo being aired since few days?

It starts with some road side Romeos making some nasty comments at a girl-the typical gunda comments basically. Then a girl’s voice pitches in and utters these lines precisely:

Agar apka pyar Avdesh Singh hota toh yeh sab nahi sunna padta !

And the commercial/promo gives up details of the show and it’s timings. The end !

So,why me writing a post on this ? Well,it made me wonder…my husbands’ name is not AVDESH SINGH and he is not agali ka gunda or a gunaho ka devta so far….. so is he unable to protect me ? 😯

What about you girls out there ? Is S,D,Su,Boy,P,Dude,TS, and all the boy friends capable to protect you ? And how do you measure their protection abilities ?

These serials,thank god,have never been able to impress me at all.No matter that our home will always sound like a multiplex running umpteen number of movie shows-[yes the MIL is FOND of watching tele-serials and on various channels.How does she or people like her manage to remember the plot and the characters of all of them is another question from me 😕 ]

I always fail to understand how these shows create these kind of promos ! They literally sound funny and sometimes rubbish ! But hey what are you thinking about ? kahan kho gayi ??? Thinking of changing his name to AS ??? 😉


43 thoughts on “Protection Abilities

  1. I totally support the gunaho ka devta … only that I used to land up more at the police station than Y while dealing with bashers…. maybe they should start a gunaho ki devi 😉

    Bte.. am not talking to you .. u didn’t even include me in that girl list!!! Hmmmppph!

  2. Why do we need a male to protect us anyway? Aren’t we able to stand up to these eve teasers ourselves? Just wondering…

    And anyway, in the worst-case scenario, what are police there for?

  3. Nu, my husband is a great boxing champion in school – and he has maintained the flexibility to fight, I think. 😉 So, I am totally protected by the over-protective hubby…. 😉 😉

    But total LOL Ads….sometime crazy….after listening to it for a few times, it sucks….

  4. Ok a serious comment – If this irks us then why don’t we stop reading out Cinderella or Rapunzel or even Snow White to our kids… I mean the concept of saviour and protection is introduced for the first time in fairy tales right?

    Have we turned around and told them ever that this is all crap????

    1. all crap is fine stuff…my whole point is not protection here..the whole point is if at all we girls require protection will it be from some gali ka gundas ? or some gunaho ka devata ?

      and that someone who is a gunda makes us safe in his company ?

      1. yaar if a gunda protects his gf .. why can’t we take the ‘gunda’ thingy out of his image and look .. to the girl he is the knuight in shining armour right? To her he has an image beyond being a gunda right?

    1. ok…will comment but with biggg sulk in voice

      Sulking voice – well tall one is like a giant..u look at him and he is intimidating…not sure he can actually fight someone but looks se he can scare. PLus my MUSKELS CAN PROTECT ME…i will bite pinch scratch or kick in appropriate places if required.

  5. Am happy to hv the one I am hvng. I can take care of myself and know for sure that he will be there for me and ready to go all out when it’s the need of the hour 😀 Thatz enuf for me 😉 No need to measure his abilities for that :mrgreen:

    1. Btw, if they r campaigning so, Avdesh Singh or whoever shud nt be blamed for having more no. of GFs/ wives whatever 😉 baaaah! What non-sense!

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