The XX Traits

Have heard this line umpteen times: Ladkiyon ke pet mein koi baat nahi pachti…or people even say that [in Marathi] Mulincha Pot tila sarkha asta [The stomach is the size of sesame seed-very small to hold back things]

Also,something else that is very common about females-Bitching and Gossiping !They just can’t live without that..that’s their lifeline.Categorically they’ll pick one person and that becomes their bait to bitch about-even if that means how was the food at her place last time or what type of crockery one uses for guests et al. You can find these types easily in gyms and social gatherings !

Of course I’m not generalising all females under these categories. There are females who manage to stand out and zip their lips and not back bite.

I always have managed to prove people wrong with the fact that I just don’t dilvulge things. Specially idhar ka udhar is what I just can’t do and can’t stand. There are loads of secrets of n number of people that I know and I’ve digested them all and I don’t feel constipated at all… 😉

And when you are not of that type…you belong to a category which is entirely different-saner category actually… then you expect people to behave in the same manner-specially regarding you -which ironically people fail to remember or digest or simply ignore the rules of the game in the relationship. 👿

Like everyone else I’ve also met these type of girls who not only backbite,divulge but back stab too and then when they still require you they’ll sheepishly come running for help with fluttering eyelashes and a sorry face like a kid ! Where do I go wrong in this ? Well,I give in to their stupid drama and yet again get ready to be back stabbed and used and then probably be dumped or be talked about.

Well,all this that I’ve mentioned above has happened with me when I was in class XII-long years ago. But,what brought me to this today ? The same girl from the past seems to be doing the same kinda gimmicks around this SNS these days ! Sigh,I pity her. She is a grown up woman too [by age at least],like all of us friends and has a 2 years old daughter and still is into this biz of stupidity around ! What’s with these females…while in school it’s still okay though it’s totally not permissible thing to behave like this but people can still take it as the age is tender in school you tend to do mistakes like these. But when you grow got a family to many important relationships in life to tackle…how could one possibly be the same ??? 😯

I wonder if these females do the same with their in-laws as well…you never know…moreover what are their children going to learn from them going forward ? ❓

Females and their traits…impossible to understand and interpret…and sometimes totally out of hands to deal with ! Sigh !!I too belong to the XX category but thankfully I’m not that type !!!


31 thoughts on “The XX Traits


    Shall read post later.. bahut lamba hai.. aur mere paas abhi time nahin hai 😉 😉

  2. You know whats worse ??? guys who do that !! Im not kidding ! I recently had a horrible experience here in office ! I never knew some idiot here was a chamcha of our VP and I blabbered something on a lighter note. Theres nothing we can do with these species ! We just have to live with it ! But if I was given a gun, even with just one bullet in it, I wouldve murdered that guy ; sacchi ! 🙂

  3. Oh I can so relate .. this is like ‘kahani blog blog ki’ 😉 .. seriously… I have always hated the button down species in college who claimed to have worked hard and sulked 😯 and then at work I met as Vimmu mentioned above.. men who would even baby sit boss’s kids in office just to gain brownie points and fill her up with juicy bits of who said what – and think they are gaining ‘brownie points’. What I wonder the most is , how do they face themselves in the mirror or is their conscious and inner me too tainted to notice this??

    1. that’s a nice question…above all how do they face themselves ?? Ironically they don’t have time to face themselves…they’re too busy doing all this stuff around 😀

  4. While its good to network on healthy positive issues, I too hate the bitching around. It actually spoils the relationships.

    Even with relatives, I try to stay out of any talk abt others…u know how they start talking at weddings….

    But, if I am really concerned abt someone and what they are doing, they’ll get a fair 1 to 1 talk with me. It keeps things easier to handle.

    Sags, I was into my book and u claimed the first position, huh ???? 😉 😉

  5. It’s so ugly! Men Women Kids… I wonder where all of them get trained to do all this back biting and bitching business! I mean Hello, you are ruining somebody else’s life and relations with baseless rumours just for some temporary high or promortion or a smile or whatever!!

    @Sags, Nu: May be all the mirrors in their homes are blackened, covered or broken 😛

    May be they would feel popular when they are the topic of discussion or do these people compete to be the talk of the town… shhhhhhhhh….

    I like I like I like I like I like ……………………………………..infinity 😀 😀 😀 😀

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