You can visit it but you can’t change it.

You can remember it but you can’t forget it.

You can keep it aside for a while but you can’t avoid it.

You can call it a tiny 4 letter word but it’s so much vast than your imagination.

You can guarantee sadness but you can’t guarantee happiness every time you think about it.

You can change everything but the past.

You can list down people who shared the past but you can’t point out people who will share your future.

You can call it yours and you might still hate it for being it the way it is.

It is bygone but it is the only certain thing in your life.

No matter how imperfect it is you still tend to cling to it ! That’s the beauty of the thing !


44 thoughts on “P A S T

      1. arrey was leaving for work … just wanted to come first…. uff nautanki .. u dont even visit my blog n then u are sooooo demanding 😦 ❗

        Nice post… guess there’s something about the past.. lessons .. happiness.. bitterness.. smiles .. nightmare.. that makes it so perfect … but you know apart from being perfect despite of being past ists also continuing in the term of tenses… it follows us no matter where we go and just when we think we have forgotten it greets you at an unexpected corner of the road and that’s it you are back to aquare one again!!!

  1. Sometimes
    We cling to the Past
    Not accepting the Present.

    Its sure to bring

    So, lets learn…
    To learn from the Past
    And not to cling to it…

    Lets be nostalgic
    About those happy days…
    But not forget to enjoy
    The happy smiles, today.

  2. “It is bygone but it is the only certain thing in your life.”…love this line

    And the past is what helps u be the person to make ur future :D…so look back at the past with fondness for all the teachings, with a twinge of wistfullness for friends and times begone and with absolutely no regret 😀

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