Wordless Wednesday-33


51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-33

        1. Gulp…is that so…Come on…so what do u say for the regular ppl who sleep in the night ???

          I think thats to make ppl be awake thru the day, not the night… 🙂

          1. are yeh sab log jagte hain so that we normal people can sleep in peace 😉 these people stay awake all night and keep saying ‘aa; izz well’

            LOL,hai na Sags ?

  1. एका उभ्या आयुष्याच्या
    शेवट बघत
    ओहोटीच्या लाटांवर दूर
    तरंगणार्या अस्थी,
    आठ्वणीन्च्या वाळूत
    रुतलेले भरलेले मन….
    पहाटेच्या थंड वार्यात
    पदर लपेटून ,
    उगवत्या सूर्याच्या साक्षीने
    ती परत निघते ;
    अग, डोळे पूस ,
    उदय आणि अस्त
    हे होतच राहणार,
    ह्या समुद्रावर आलेल्या तेजा समान
    कुणा एकाच्या
    अगदी सोनं झला ग….

  2. Such a wonderful place to be….for meditation and doing yoga….to being serene and to bring peace within oneself.

    I love this…Nature at its best….the photographer too, at her best. 🙂 🙂

    1. oh my god…Uma you have become so spiritual suddenly 😉 The picture did that to you,eh ??? 🙂

      LOL…jokes apart…this serene scene was just an amazing experience….I’ve seen loads of sunset by the beach but this one was special..very precious !

        1. it surely does something to you…I mean this is 2 years old now and there are so many other pics taken after this one at the beach..but this one still remains my fav…and the moment I look at it..I feel like going there right away ! Sigh !

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