Shocking but your own

There are few incidences which happen to you or in front of you or you’ve heard / seen a person going through something which is not so good to remember….but you still do remember that and it’s been stored permanently in your memory…

It might not come back to you often but it’s there and you have the realization..sometimes making you have sweaty palms or just bringing tears to your eyes…making your heart go numb…right ?

I’ve witnessed one such incident in my childhood…well not childhood exactly but when I had just stepped into my teens…which is yet a tender age for things like these to witness…

One of our friend’s dadi had an accident in front our eyes…a terrible shock when you see a human brain split into two by a truck ! Speechless then I’m still not able to forget that incidence nor am able to console myself for what I saw.Not only the accident left me numb but my friend’s crying and shouting like crazies is still crystal clear in my memory…this happened almost 17 years ago…

Any ways,so what makes me bring this topic today…I recently read a book called Words Can Describe by Abi Grant. It’s non-fictional. A memoir of a traumatised rape victim-Abi herself. You can read the review at Bond with the books.

The book has mentioned exactly the same thing…whatever happens in a shocking way to you,you’re sure to remember it all your life. And it’s true. I can relate to this fact because of the above mentioned incident. It’s not necessary that you yourself have to go through any such thing to feel traumatised. Look at me today…even after 17 years-17 full of life years where so much happiness came my way and so many changes took place in my life-I’m unable to forget that accident.

It’s saddening to think about it but it’s has become a part of me…it’s mine !


52 thoughts on “Shocking but your own

      1. No I have a secretary … whose one of the most important jobs is to intimate me when u post so that I get to come first.. for any miss.. she doesn’t get paid that day 😛

  1. I know what you mean Nu … I am myself a victim of medical malpratice during my teenage years which robbed me a good amount of years in those tender times… When Id ecided to be a lawyer and deal with all such cases I thought I would forget…. I didn’t
    But strangely now after handling and reading cases briefs, judgments n seeing victims.. somewhere the story of a rape victim or an accident survival ddoesn’t shock me… It’s strange the way i retain my calmess when my parents lose it… have not turned stone et al .. just that somewhere I have come to accept it that ‘yes it happens’ all the time and so instead of being disturbed jump into it n resolve the strings – shocking attitude to many but my own 🙂

  2. yes it happens its strange but i feel its the bad incidents that we remmeber more in life.. I can still remember and dream of the night when we were in patiala for a youth festival at ENginering college and middle of then night terrorists stuck killins tens of students of a particular community

    its still so much visible in front of me as if it happened yesterday and the worst thing that hurts me is that I could do nothing ..

    Bikram’s Blog

  3. It’s very very tough to forget I am sure, some things are 😦 Reading about it is making me feel very weird, I cannot even think how watching it would have been.

  4. It’s like a chill running all over you… like Bikram said, it’s all the bad ones that shock us and we tend to remember… I know somebody very close who lost his mind and years when he witnessed a murder!! The mind – it’s a strange place, forgets the good ones and remembers the minutest details of the bad goings-on!!

  5. I guess some incidents do leave a deep, deep impression on us.. And they stay with us forever, I guess..

    Scary and disturbing to think of, actually.. Will hop over to read your review Nu.

  6. That was a graphic description. Tone it down Nu for us naive folks 🙂 I know, your memory gets scarred by such terrible incidences. I hope time will wipe it off.

  7. Read ur review first…. 🙂

    Shocking incidents witnessed always stay with us…no matter what we do…its in our ability to overcome the trauma and lead a normal life…but its difficult sometimes.

  8. This post : It is really difficult to foget such accidents.
    Wordless Wed : Awesome. 🙂
    Song : My fav too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Past tense : Interesting! 🙂
    Header pic : Beautiful. 🙂 Pl tell more about it.

    1. Yes totally impossible to forget actually Chandu 😦

      Hai na awesome sunset ? 🙂

      Oh welcome to the humming gang…that song is loved by so many here 🙂

      Past is actually interesting,isn’t it ? 😉

      Header Picture is taken near Mt.Abu..

      P.S. Finally you reached this blog 🙂 It’s nice to receive comments from you Chandu 🙂

  9. oh o 😦 hugs…i know, shocking incidents stay for life. one can only find ways to move on without letting those incidents take away the good part of life. hugs!

  10. I can relate with that. A couple of years ago, I witnessed an accident from my verandah, where an old man was riding a bike, bumped into a SUV, and FLEW up into the air, tumbled and landed back down, and his ankle was broken off his leg, and was dangling. It was awful, and has just got etched into my memory for ever 😦

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